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Why I Love Early Saturdays!

After yet another AMAZING weekend workout, I had to sit down and spill my guts on why my Saturday sweat sessions are da bomb! Hopefully you will be encouraged to find something that you look forward to after reading this!

Saturday mornings are my favorite. I have been leading a crazy group of weekend warriors in an 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning HIIT style class for years. These people are the type to treat Friday night like any other night so that they can rise and run with me bright and early to start their weekends off right.
fitness fam

I put a lot of time into planning my Saturday morning classes. They have to be hard, but fun. They must be challenging, but provide modifications as I have every age group and fitness level represented. I myself get up early with enough time for a light breakfast, as well as some time for that to digest. I need extra time to wake up, and time to prepare my head for leading 30 people in a safe, effective workout. After breakfast, I feed my baby, kiss my husband, and head out the door. I crank up the gritty workout tunes during my drive in, and I still get my pre-class butterflies as people start showing up.image8_picmonkeyed

I don’t even have to tell this group what to do. They get their spots set up with little to no instruction. And spots are a big deal. Everyone has their spot in a group fitness class and can be territorial! The group starts warming up while I get my mic and music going. Within moments we are jumping, sweating, and feeling the burn…ahhh…there’s really nothing like it.

group xIt amazes me the energy that pulses through our room every Saturday morning. I see bed head and people walking in with coffee mugs and wrinkled T-shirts. During sprints I hear, yeah… shouldn’t of had those beers last night.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. #truth.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. #truth

So what makes my Saturday morning group so special? For starters, exercise is important to them. As a trainer I have heard EVERY excuse in the book for not being able to exercise. But let’s face it; you make time for the things that are important to you. If you can’t make time for exercise (especially with short 20 minute anywhere HIIT workouts being proven so effective), it may not be that important to you. Maybe that will change with some prioritizing… and I hope it does!

4 friends out on a Friday night. Guess where we met? THE GYM of course! And yes, we made it to 8:00 a.m. class the next day!

4 friends out on a Friday night. Guess where we met? THE GYM of course! And yes, we made it to 8:00 a.m. class the next day!

Next, this group has taken note on how exercise makes them feel. Once you experience how it makes your body feel, you become addicted to it. You need to get your workout in. Even when I’m exhausted, have a headache, or during pregnancy, I still moved. Even a walk will change my mood and physical state within minutes.

Mother daughter power team!

Mother daughter power team!

This group also understands the importance of community. Saturday class is a big deal! We talk about it like a special club…and believe me, you want to be in the club! This past Saturday was like a Disney movie to me. Let’s me set it up for you:
I had the group on the soccer fields doing a drill called Crazy 8’s.

Sprint to the halfway point in the field. Perform 8 push-ups. Sprint back and perform 8 weighted wood chops. Repeat 8 times!

Of course given the various fitness levels everyone finished this drill at different times. However, when the last of the group was still going trying to finish, the faster people jumped back in and ran with the last of our group to encourage them to finish strong. Lots of high 5’s and whoops accompanied the finish line of this drill! How motivating is that?! Yup, I am one proud Mama with my Saturday morning peeps!

Representing with Habitude Fitness Gear!

Representing with Habitude Fitness Gear!


Ending on a good note. Finding peace and calm before rushing out the door is a must!

Ending on a good note. Finding peace and calm before rushing out the door is a must!

The thing is, you do NOT have to join a gym to feel the support of a fitness community. I love Beach Body for their at home DVD based workouts and online support. Health and fitness blogs, personal trainers (live or online), or just meeting up with a friend or spouse for a walk is something I am a HUGE supporter of! (I try to never walk alone!)

Figure it out! Get accountability, support, and encouragement. Don’t do it alone!buff bride

Within my fitness family I am not the only one coaching and motivating. I have tons of encouragement from my peeps. Even just this past weekend, I had a great chat after class with a fitness friend about the post baby body. She gave me the words and encouragement I needed to hear. I am the professional…LOL, who cares! We are ALL leaders and have so much to offer those around us. Call out the goodness you see in others and be there for them when they need it. Let’s all cross the finish line with someone! No more excuses!

a good laugh in the parking lot with Mike, a regular: "0.0...I don't run." LOL!

A good laugh in the parking lot with Mike, a regular: “0.0…I don’t run.” LOL!

Your Trainer,

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