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Try it Thursday: Get Out of Your Head!

Here’s my conclusion on this ever-changing, overly saturated world of health and fitness:DSC_4784-3079353134-O
It seems that there are hundreds of fitness programs, gyms and studios, workout styles, pieces of equipment, and gimmicks. There are just as many or more, diets, weight-loss, and nutrition programs. No matter what you are looking into, people who have tried it are getting results! There are so many success stories around any product or diet. To me this just says,

It may not work for you forever, but you can cross that bridge when you come it.
Low carb, eat clean, ditch sugar, count macros, Paleo, or Weight Watchers…Cross Fit, walking, Barre, personal training or P90X…

Stop over thinking it. Stop micro managing, stop saying all or nothing, stop making excuses.

Do it. Navigate road blocks and make necessary changes. Practice self-discipline. Get to know yourself and tell yourself the truth. Give it time. Do something.DSC_5259-2-3122291072-O
Your Trainer,

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