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Baby Habitudes: Summer Days with My Baby Girl.

Happy Labor Day!
I hope you all enjoyed a 3 day weekend filled with some fun and relaxing activities and are resting up tonight before the work week and back to school starts! Though the weather remains warm, and the sun is still shining, Labor Day weekend seems to be the unofficial close to summer habitudes.

This summer was unlike any other for me. On May 4th our beautiful daughter Georgia was born via c-section. I spent most of my summer days (and nights:) in a glorious newborn haze. newborn haze
After I was mostly healed from my c-section, I began stroller walks in the neighborhood. Soon after, I started a routine workout schedule again. If I had it to do over, I don’t think I would rush into a structured workout schedule again. I have yet to lose the last of my baby weight, and to be honest, I was worried about it. However, at 4 months postpartum, I have been practicing acceptance and trusting the process. I eat right, drink tons of water, I exercise (not obsessively), and I make my baby my number one priority. After all, this body created a human! She grew and lived inside of me and now my body is creating nourishment for her! To me, this is a miracle and I’m in total awe of this body. I will continue my baby habitudes, and at 9 months postpartum, I will see where I’m at. After a year of breastfeeding, I can gauge again. I am 100% trusting the process and advise any new mommies out there to do the same with their new bodies and to practice self-love.

In past summers I spent my days working part-time as a respiratory therapist and taught tons of fitness classes, water aerobics, and outdoor boot camps. When I was free I would head to the lake, hang out with friends, enjoy outdoor concerts, go boating, construct date nights, cook, sit out by the fire with neighbors, enjoy some local travel and more!

This summer has been a bit different! Georgie and I have enjoyed lots of outside time when the weather was mild.

baby 2We went on many walks with big brother Wyatt, and even went to the lake a couple of times and sat under the shade tree. I spend most days in comfy workout shorts and hair tied up in a ponytail. I have binge-watched several Netflix shows, blogged, and read a few books (all while nursing). I have¬†not cooked dinner (the grill is where it’s at for us this year!), let the house get uncomfortably messy, taken naps in the air-conditioning, called up friends to join me on stroller walks, nursed a few glasses of wine, and loved every day of this new life.

Soon the leaves will change and we will consume pumpkin flavored everything. The days will get shorter and football watching gets serious. I look forward to crisp morning walks with my baby and puppy, and welcome another season of change. I feel so blessed to have been home with my angel baby. I have been so happy, yet so tired and fatigued that my bones ached and my eyeballs burned. I love these moments with her…just staring at her in awe and amazement. I have had the best summer.baby 4

Farewell summer. Until we meet again…

Your Trainer,

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