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Try it Thursday: Do the Scary Thing!

Moriah was a local fitness friend, but now stays connected to the Habitude Fitness community from afar like many in Washington state. Enjoy her guest post!mo
If you’re like me, there’s that thing you’ve been meaning to do. Sign up for your first 5k. Get out giant trash bags and donate/sell/toss all the clothes in your closets that never see the light of day. Scrounge up the money and book a trip to visit an old friend. That thing you know would be hard, and maybe even a little scary, but would be so good. And so worth it.

Last night I did my scary thing. For literally four years I’ve been feeling – and fighting – the urge to get certified to teach group fitness classes – yes, like Cassie! For the past few weeks, it’s become the scary thing I can no longer put off. So I scheduled my CPR refresher, took a deep breath and bought all the study materials to start my journey.

What I finally realized is there’s never going to be a “perfect time” to do a scary thing. I had put off what I knew I wanted to do for lots of reasons. At first, it was a stressful full-time job. Then I left the job but I had just moved across the country and didn’t know anyone (it would be so much easier to learn and practice with all my peeps back at LSC supporting me!). Then I was pregnant, then I was a tired new mom. Excuses? Yep! Decent ones, but still excuses. So in a rush of motivation – after talking to Cassie and having her tell me for the 20th time that I need to do this – I did my scary thing.

Within six months, I’ll have done the extensive reading, studying and practicing, taken the three-hour exam and – Lord willing – I’ll be certified to lead classes at my new gym here in Spokane, Wash. I’ll tell you one thing: I never would have arrived at this place without a caring instructor, trainer and friend (and now mentor!) who knew me as a person and encouraged me to go way outside my comfort zone. Or without an amazing fitness community, led by said trainer, that challenged and encouraged me to care for my whole body, mind and spirit. I did my scary thing! You should, too! I’ll let you know how my journey goes if you promise to keep us updated on yours.

Your Friend,

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