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Check in Tuesday: Eat Like You Love Yourself!

When I turned my eating around almost 8 years ago now, I quit dieting and focused on health, healing, and vitality. Now that I am a nursing Mommy, I care even more about the foods I am choosing to put into my body! moby 2fruitI saw these tips on an inspiring Instagram account I follow and it really resonated and motivated me. Post-partum weight loss is challenging, and I do not want losing the weight to be my main focus at this time in my life. Just like before, I want my motives around food to be for health and wellness; for me and now Georgia! When I have the right focus around food, like these tips, everything always comes together and weight-loss is a bonus of being healthy. Sometimes we don’t treat ourselves well, and food can turn into so much more than proper nourishment. It is emotional, mental, defining, and can have deeply rooted bad habits. Keep going back to this Eat Like You Love Yourself model and all will work out! I promise!

Your Trainer,

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