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The Stuff We Don’t Post on Facebook.

When you are a wellness blogger the topics to write on are endless. Recipes, workouts, healthy habits, encouragement, family, friends, social activities, and travel to name a few! Today, as I sit down to see what I have scheduled to post this week, I can’t help but put them on the back burner and talk about a few of my conversations lately. By hearing a little about some of my conversations, maybe you won’t feel so alone out there in the ever-changing, ever-challenging world of our health and wellness.

Topics with friends have recently included, body image issues, weight loss battles, and food addiction. I also had a lengthy chat with a friend about getting everyone in the house on board the healthy lifestyle train once and for all.

More than one friend this week is struggling with mood stabilization and the challenges of getting out of a rut. Someone is getting tested for food allergies, and someone is struggling with disciplining their strong-willed kid. A client/friend is prepping for the application process of adopting their second baby, and several of us out there are trying to decide what’s next in terms of new jobs, moving, or staying put. Breakups, makeups and finding a new normal…weight-loss, sleep habits, and finances…we all are working through something, aren’t we?

Many of us are trying to be productive, find contentment, and are striving for happiness, love, health, safety, and security.

Recently, I read an article about the let down experience many athletes have. All the training that goes into a marathon and then upon completion there is a “now what” response. The take-a-way from this was to enjoy the journey. It is the little moments along the way that make up the happiness of our lives. We may have great pictures of first birthdays, crossing a finish line, and selfies at summer weddings. But, it is the moments of overcoming struggle, an amazing chat with a friend who moved away, watching our children sleep, taking in the sunrise of a morning run, hugging your mom, and having an unexpected conversation that can make us truly happy, healthy, and well.

You are not alone. We are all going through something, working on something, worried about something, or transitioning into (or out) of something. Social media creates a veneer that everyone’s lives are perfect. We are only looking at the highlight reel, remember!

Today, I challenge us to call that friend for a chat, head out into nature for a walk, and kiss someone you love in a way you would never post on Facebook! Today, deeply enjoy and be grateful for the things that no one ever sees. For it’s those things that are making up your journey.s;eep

Your Trainer,

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