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Try it Thursday: Exercise All Day!

I love a good spin class. One hour of crazy intensity in a dark room with loud music is my happy hour. We can easily become addicted to this type of intense workout. More, more, MORE! However, if we are constantly stressing the body (the eat less, move more model), it can be easy to overtrain and lack the healthy results we are after. Chronic cardio keeps you in a constant “fight or flight” mode, increasing cortisol levels, inflammation, and damage to your cells from free radicals. On top of the increased stress from the exercise itself, the high-carb diet required to sustain chronic cardio harms your body in the long-term by raising your insulin levels. -paleoleap.com

We all need some fresh air and blood flow movement in the morning!

We all need some fresh air and blood flow movement in the morning!

I am not saying to stop exercising or visiting the gym, but rather to create more time and space in your day to do what the body was designed to do naturally…MOVE! Exercise means incorporating movement into your whole life. Taking a spin class for an hour and then sitting on my butt the rest of the day is not ideal for any of my goals. Picking a few days a week where I do some cardio training (interval sprints and some steady state), a few days a week of weight training, a few days a week of yoga and stretching, and then daily getting in lots of walking and moving about by tackling my activities of daily living is the perfect prescription for a life filled with exercise! And, no working out harder, harder, harder, longer, longer, longer, and more, more, more to obtain optimal health and fitness!
move more
This is nothing new. I am always telling you to move more, take a walk after dinner, or participate in the All Day Challenge by scheduling it in your calendar a few days a week. Let’s all (me too!) not just know something is the right thing to do, but actually do it! Try finding ways to exercise throughout your day!

Your Trainer,

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