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10 Non-Fitness Things About Me: Part Two!

The first 10 Non-Fitness Things About Me was fun to write and fortunately well received. Therefore, hesitantly, here is the second edition!IMG_20140715_101755685_HDR

1. Cravings
When I was pregnant with my new baby girl, Georgia, I craved red meat, cottage cheese, fruit, and Gushers…lol.untitled

2. I am a huge Parks and Rec fan.
Currently we have been watching the whole series on Netflix for the second time around. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite character, but I really can’t get enough of Ron Swanson right now!
WWRSD (What Would Ron Swanson Do?)

3. My mom has been a hairdresser for over 30 years.
To this day no one cuts my hair right unless it’s her. Unfortunately I had tons of great 80’s and 90’s do’s, and too many perms to count. I was even in a local commercial for one of the salons she worked at when I was about 7. It was pretty low-budget, but yeah…I was famous.new hair4. I can’t stop sweating.
(Ew, TMI?!) I haven’t uncovered my side of the bed since I was in the third trimester of pregnancy (Georgie is almost 3 months old!). I just sleep on top of the covers. I am working up a sweat typing this… I now understand why so many ladies in my cycling classes want to workout with the fans on. I get it now! Thanks hormones.

5. I love Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis.
I can’t wait to read them with my daughter some day.narnia

The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford. Old stomping frounds for C.S. Lewis!

The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford. Old stomping grounds for C.S. Lewis!

6. I am geared more to the relational and artistic side.
(More right brained?) Growing up I was crazy about art and drawing, writing and poetry, creativity and imagination. I still love meeting new people, making new friends, and having good conversation. However, I went into a very science based field of study in college. Looking back, I think I chose it so I had the security of always having a job. (I am also pretty pragmatic!) Though it was/is a good field for me, I think I would have been better suited as an artist, writer, therapist…
This side to me is why I am enjoying Habitude Fitness so much.

7. Another pet peeve I have is open mouth chewing and lip smacking.
Come on man!

8. My favorite healthy foods right now is grilled eggplant.
It is the perfect summer side and is delish!

9. If I could live anywhere it would be on a beach.
Morning beach runs, fetch with the dog in the sand, ocean cool offs, never dressing up more than shorts and flip-flops, falling asleep to the sound of the waves. Ahh…a girl can dream!
summer letter10. When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a unicorn when I grew up.
It seems like it might still be a good Plan B?unicorn
It’s fun to get to know the bloggers we follow. If you are a sweaty wannabe unicorn, leave a comment. We should totally hang out.

Happy Monday!
Your Trainer,

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  • Love #2, agree with #4 (you’ll notice I’m dripping sweat by 8:05am on Saturdays) and also have a gross-bodily-sound phobia like #7… Google “misophonia.” For me, this also includes loud chewing, loud breathing and the sound of nail clippers 🙂 Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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