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Try it Thursday: Bite Size, the Movie

Yesterday I was able to sit and watch yet another interesting health documentary called Bite Size.
bite sizeThis one documents an inside look at several tweens who struggle with childhood obesity. It gives us a glimpse at many reasons our American kids are struggling so much. Habits, culture, environment, social economics, self-worth, knowledge, support, addiction…a lot goes into play with this epidemic.

The scare of becoming sick and diseased adults is very real in overweight children. No child needs to be poking themselves every day to check a blood sugar reading if it can be helped. As adults, it is our responsibility to teach our kids how to live a healthy life and model that for them. The pain these obese kids face in trying to over come, being called mean names in school, and dealing with family dynamics is distressing. I hate to see kids so worried about adult stuff when all they should be concerned with is being a kid.

After watching this one, my heart broke and I started to think about how I could reach into the community and try to help our youth more. Many kids out there just need to feel worth the effort and know someone out there cares about them…is there something we could do today?

Watch Bite Size the Movie here and let me know how you found it! (I watched it on Netflix:)

Your Trainer,

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