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Try it Thursday: Habitudes to Prep for Summer Events!

Are you ready for your special summer events?! If you are feeling less than ready, please don’t sweat it. I have a few tips that I have gained from others, from research, and from my own experience to get us all in hot weather shape in no time!beach

  1. I do not believe in crash diets or extremes of any kind. If you desire to look and feel your best, then the lasting way of cultivating this is through lifestyles changes. Create some healthy goals for yourself, maintain that vision, and don’t give up! Lasting results come slowly for most of us. Be sure to check out the Habitude Fitness Way to Diet and Exercise if you missed it.
  2. Drinking water is a must. With that, I would encourage you to eliminate all other beverages except water! Avoid additives like artificial sweeteners and caffeine. A morning cup of black coffee is fine, but to really feel great – water always wins! Check out the many reasons why drinking enough water is vital for us to be healthy and reach our goals!
  3. Eliminate alcohol. Try this tip especially if you are prepping as a bride, mother of the bride, class reunion, or running an annual 5K with your buddies. Make a glass of wine or beer very planned and occasional. Another great tip is to drink lots of water before and after you indulge.
  4. Watch out for salts and sodium. Do not add it to your foods and stay away from packaged foods and sauces that can have increased levels of sodium hidden. By doing this for a few weeks you will avoid extra bloating and water retention! Your clothes will fit better, you will move easier, and thus you will feel more confident!
  5. This tip is mostly for the ladies: To decrease cellulite be sure you are eating enough protein while also avoiding sugar, caffeine, and excess alcohol. Increase your intake of apples, eggs, nuts, beans, fish, and asparagus. Check out my post on eating more protein!
  6. Always eat a breakfast that includes protein!
  7. If you are preparing for a special event, you can cut out fruits for a week or two leading up to the event. You may also choose low glycemic fruits. Limit your serving to one fruit per day. Again, please note that this is for a special occasion or shedding those last few pounds before summer. Never eliminate an entire food group if you desire optimal whole health!veg
  8. Avoid starchy carbohydrates after 2 p.m. Continue to include complex carbohydrates into the evening, but avoid pastas, breads, and rice. Let’s think about this: from the moment we wake up our bodies need energy to perform. A big breakfast with complex carbs will help fuel us as the day goes on. After lunch, for most of us, our day begins to wind down. We will need less and less energy to complete the day. If we are eating too many starchy carbohydrates later in the day, we may not be functioning high enough to burn them off as energy. What can end up happening, is that those foods get stored in the body as fat.
  9. No snacking after dinner unless you are extremely hungry. If your body is signaling you to eat…then eat! If you choose to have an after dinner snack, choose such foods as berries, eggs whites with a slice of tomato, apple slices with cinnamon, greek yogurt, or popcorn. The food you chose should feel light and clean.
  10. Ramp up your workouts with more cardio training. Try extra walking, HIIT, or getting outside for some fresh air! Have you heard of the All Day Challenge? Basically, get moving!

My last and best tip is this: Attempt happiness with who you today, where you are now. I know this is easier said than done on many occasions. Do not obsess about anything in life. Try your best each day and celebrate your progress and wins in all areas of your life. We are a masterpiece. Soak in that every once in a while. #goodhabitudebeach

Your Trainer,

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