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Baby Habitudes: Update and Getting Back at It!

Well, I did it! Nine months of carrying a child, attempting to be healthy and fit (all while listening to my body and adjusting as needed each week of course!), and here I am postpartum…

Here’s the recap:
At 39 weeks we learned that our baby was breech. This was on a Thursday and my c-section was scheduled for the very next Monday as the doc didn’t want me going into labor. Honestly, I was devastated as I had been prepping to have a natural childbirth experience. However, I got over it and focused on having a good experience with a healthy baby…and I did! Georgia Rae was born on May 4th and has been my little Angel Baby ever since.

Recovery was rough the first few weeks, but I had great support from my husband, family, and friends. At about 3 weeks I was back to coming downstairs and moving about the house, and at 4 weeks I was taking several walks a day with the stroller and dog. At 5 weeks something flipped for the good, and I felt more like my old self. At 6 weeks I got the all clear from my doctor. My first workout was last week, and it felt amazing! Moving without a backache and extra weight from pregnancy made me feel light and free! Don’t worry, I am easing back into fitness over the weeks and months, but boy is it great to be pain-free and moving again!My post-baby wellness goals are to be patient with myself and consistent with good food and appropriate activity. As a nursing mama, I must make sure my milk supply stays up so food quality and quantity are essential. I can help this by ensuring I am eating enough calories to lose the weight but maintain an adequate supply, drinking tons of water, and not overdoing it physically. I also want to enjoy this precious time I have as a new mom with my new baby, not putting unnecessary pressure on myself to get back at it too quickly. I am allowing nature, good food, and daily movement to reset the body.

Will I ever get my pre-baby figure back? The answer is probably yes, no, maybe, or eventually! The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy (boy does it!). For some these changes are drastic, and for others they are subtle. I am very curious to see how things have shifted and changed for me now that I am a member of the Mommy Club! If you are interested in a reset, reboot, cleanse the junk, get moving challenge, follow these healthy habitudes that I am currently implementing and will continue to blog about!

I will be documenting my journey in fitness, nutrition, and healthy mindset while balancing being a mom. This challenge is for men and women-not just ladies who are postpartum like me. We will be focusing on core habitudes for a healthy lifestyle, and that’s for anyone…actually it’s for EVERYONE!

The first set of challenges include:
1. Eating a variety of healthy colorful foods!
Start the morning off with color. Ditch the boring brown oatmeal, and spice it up by adding red raspberries, blueberries, or coconut. Add some veggies to your eggs and make it an omelet or try some spinach in a smoothie. Find a way to start the day off with an excellent colorful choice. These choices will snowball throughout the day to more good choices! Choose a doughnut for breakfast and more than likely it will lead to more poor choices.
2. Walk.
Every step counts. If you have the opportunity to walk to the office rather than take a taxi, do it. Walk to the market, walk after dinner with your spouse, or schedule a walk with a friend instead of a coffee meet up. Walking is a fat burning activity and each of us should aim for an hour a day. (Even if that’s in 10-minute segments.) Walking didn’t happen for me until a couple of weeks postpartum. One day I headed out and turned right back around because I was just too sore. However, now I am walking great and enjoying my time pushing the stroller and holding the leash in the nice summer weather. Walking is not only healthy for your body, but for the mind and spirit as well. Getting out in nature can be therapeutic, and it’s during my walks that I find time to pray, think, listen to a podcast or music, or have a great conversation with my husband.walk3. Write down and visualize 3 main goals you wish to accomplish every day.¬†
Be sure to include a healthy diet and fitness goal along with any daily tasks or big dreams.
Before bed may be a great time to think about this for the next day, or even first thing in the morning before the craziness begins. No matter when you choose to reflect, do it daily. I am a firm believer in the power of visualization because it works for me!

Each morning I write down the date, my weight, and record what I eat throughout the day. (This is something I am doing to lose the baby weight and monitor that I am taking in what I need, not a practice I do normally.) I keep track of how much water I have had and use this list to track other habitudes as well. On the right-hand side of the page I jot down my goals for the day (this is on top of the things I know I am doing, so if it all doesn’t get done, it’s no big deal. These are just goals, not must do’s!) At the bottom of the page I write down a word or mantra for the day, as well as things and people I am praying for and things I am grateful for. I am doing this in a cheap spiral notebook. You could use an app or anything you prefer.

These are the habitudes that I am currently focusing on, and it would be great to have a team of people actively working on some new goals with me even though we may be at different places in life!  Comment below or on social media to let me know you are in!
Your Trainer,

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