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Try it Thursday: You Can Do 30 Seconds of…Anything!

30I love this mantra! It’s a great motivator while doing sprints in a spin class, holding a plank, or during running drills. It usually goes like this: Come on guys you can do 30 seconds of…. (and the crowd yells) ANYTHING!

Here’s the thing…

I really do believe in this mindset!
-There is NO way I could walk into an hour HIIT class filled with drills, weights, push-ups, sprints, and actually push hard, get through it, and maybe even enjoy the pain a little. However, I can push hard for a 20 second Tabata drill. I can give it my very best for a short period of time, no problem!
-I can’t do 100 push-ups, but I could do 10, and then 10 more, and then 10 more…
-Personally, I could NEVER go out for a 6 mile run with enthusiasm. But I can do a mile easily. And then I can try to get to 5 K. After that, I will try for another mile, or at least try to run to the next stop sign:)

By breaking things up into manageable increments, I am always more motivated, capable, and successful. Many times, these challenges are more mental than physical. (I also always tell people that they are stronger than they think, which is always true!)

This mindset can be applied to many areas of life. Let me show you how I use this mantra in more than just fitness.

1. Nutrition:
I may never be able to swear off chocolate for the rest of my life, but I can say no thanks to sweets one opportunity at a time. I can take one meal at a time from the moment I start with breakfast and end at night with dinner. If I look at the day as a whole, it may be difficult to comprehend what choices I will make within that 24 hours. But if I take one meal/choice at a time, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

2. With work:
Whether working for the weekend or in the midst of a crazy, busy, stressful day, tell yourself: I can do one meeting, I can make it until the end of this project, or it’s all downhill after Hump Day! This mindset helps make even the worst situation more manageable.

Working a stressful job? Try not to view it as never ending.

Working a stressful job? Try not to view it as never-ending.

3. With pain:
Pain could be physical (taking one contraction at a time during childbirth), or emotional (telling yourself each day that passes or conversation had, that forgiveness will get easier). No matter the source or circumstance of pain in life, feeling like it will never end is NOT helpful. I can endure this pain for any short period of time. Especially when I think about easier days and becoming a better person from enduring what I am going through now.

Injured, ill, broken-hearted, lost...taking it one day at at time is the only way.

Injured, ill, brokenhearted, lost…taking it one day at a time is the only way.

What do you think of this mindset? It really works for me! Are there any mantras that you have adopted to get through tough times?

Remember you can do 30 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 season of…ANYTHING!
Your Trainer,



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