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My Fitness Wish List!

We all have things we want. Sometimes we may interchange wants and needs! I get it! I feel like I need these things, but I doubt that’s true. Nonetheless, I really want them! Fitness has gotten fancy and I am very excited to try some of these products to enhance my workouts and experience in the very near future!

1. Fit Bit
Fit Bit tracks all things body in a sleek little bracelet. Steps, distance, calories, sleep, smart notifications, music control…there should be no excuses when wearing this gadget. It will tell you how you are doing do you can make the changes needed to succeed! I am curious if you have this device or one like it, and what you think!

2. Sandbell
sandbellThese weights are filled with sand and designed for weight lifting, tossing, throwing and slamming. But honestly, you can do so much more! I use them at the gym for sliding and it is a great tool to make any plank exercise even more challenging! I love portable equipment that can be used at home, in the park, or in the gym! Check out Spri.com to order yours!

3. New Kicks!
running shoesWhen the nice weather hits, so does my outdoor running. I have tried different running shoes numerous times, but always go back to Saucony. Slipping on a pair feels like slipping on a pair of my favorite jeans! Perfect fit! What is your go-to running shoe?

4. Workout tanks from Moxie Fitness Apparel.
workout tanksThese workout clothes are geared toward women, but embody the essence of being strong yet feminine. I love the message and the balance here. And I need this burpee shirt since burpee is my middle name!

5. Sensoria High Tech Fitness Socks
Sensoria-Fitness-SocksThese fancy socks track your foot landing, running form, pace, distance, speed, and more. That data is then sent to an app for your analysis! Too cool!

6. The Melt Method
I downloaded and read this book on my kindle last summer and was sold. This highly tested method of easy self-care is said to drastically reduce chronic pain; an issue MANY of us deal with, especially being active. Check it out and see what you think! I would love to test out this set on some of my own issues!

What are some of your recommendations for my wish list? What products were life changing, and what are you itching to get your hands on? Let me know!
Your Trainer,

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  • I have a Fitbit and love it! You can also get in challenges with others that have a Fitbit. Right now I’m in a “workweek hustle” with about 10 friends and who ever has the most step at the end of the week wins! It’s a lot of fun and really gets you motivated! Absolutely love it! Polar is also a great heart rate monitor brand.

    • Thanks for the tip, Ashley. I will definitely look into Polar!

      Our company has a FitBit challenge going on now called 10K a day. A big competition with teams of 10 vs. other teams of 10 where everyone should get a minimum 10K steps per day. It’s really inspiring, and everyone goes a little ‘nutty’ when you throw in the word “competition!” There are people walking laps on our showroom floor and around the parking lot during lunch, and having walking meetings instead of sit-down meetings. Very cool!

  • I want a running watch with a heart rate monitor that can track how many calories burned! Any that you recommend? Thanks for all the advice, going to check out Moxie now!

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