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Try it Thursday: Prep for Summer Eats and Treats!

I don’t know about you, but I find it so much easier to choose healthy foods in the warmer months. Fruits and salads sound good when trying to put together a meal. Not to mention they taste amazing because we are finding them in season! In the winter I definitely try to keep up my healthy eating habitude, but it can be more challenging with many tempting holidays starting with Halloween candy and not often ending until Easter baskets. Also, the warm comfort foods tend to call out when you’re feeling cooped up! I think it’s safe to say the winter is behind us, and sunny days are ahead! Here are my top 5 habitudes for eating healthy all summer long!

1. Plant a garden, share a garden with a friend, shop at the farmer’s market, or watch the circulars for the freshest produce!
It is so easy to get the freshest fruits and veggies in the summer months. With these items being in season, the cost goes down and the taste goes up. Plan your meals around what you are growing and buying, rather than planning your meals and then heading out to the store to find the ingredients. (This is a great money-saving tip too!)
A couple of years ago I shared my first real garden with a friend. It was a ton of work, but lots of fun to see everything grow. I have some friends who are very serious about their gardens and grow beautiful produce all of the way up until the pumpkins come in. cassie in the gardenEven if you can’t do a garden, I have always had pots of tomatoes, herbs, and even some lettuce and strawberries growing on my little deck. pots
Heading to your local farmer’s market is always a great way to get some locally grown goods. Sometimes if you head up towards the end of the market day, the farmers will cut their prices needing to get rid of their final goods. Score!farmers market
2. Always have stuff around for salad!
salad fixingsSalads do not have to be fancy. Especially when all the fixings are tasting so good!
I know so many people who say they buy all of the stuff they need for a salad, but don’t eat them because they don’t like taking the time to put them together. There are a couple of solutions for this:
1. Food prep all of your veggies when you get home from the store so everything is washed, sliced, chopped and ready to throw into a bowl.
2. Buy pre-chopped toppings so you do not have to do all of the work.
3. (This is what I do). Throw everything into a bowl and get out some good kitchen shears. Use the shears to “chop” everything up at the same time right inside of your bowl!
salad 23. Eat colorful!
When people ask me what I eat in a day, I have a few simple rules I like to follow. One of them is to eat as colorfully as I can. Sometimes it’s hard to eat all of that in a day, so I will often take the week at a glance. I pause and ask myself things like, when was the last time I ate something orange…? By taking this approach you can ensure that you are getting great nutritional value, vitamins, and minerals. Summer makes this simple. Throw some strawberries on your salad, or slice up some bell peppers for a snack. Be sure to eat greens throughout the day, and look down at your plate each night and ask yourself if you meal has enough color!

Clean out the fridge quinoa salad! Throw in whatever you got!

Clean out the fridge quinoa salad! Throw in whatever you got!

Eating lean and clean never got easier! Even if you are a vegetarian, grilling up portabella mushroom, tofu dogs, and mixed veggies (which is one of my favorite side dishes!) tastes so good on the grill! From fish to burgers, and eggplant to peaches… healthy eating will be delicious and easy!chicken burgers5. Don’t cook!
One of my favorite weekend summer meals requires no cooking, fresh foods, and an adult beverage!  Check out my No Cook Summer Meal post for some inspiration!

apps5. Take it outside!
Summer food just tastes better when you are sitting in the sun enjoying! Sometimes we will take a snack or dinner outside on the weekends. On the weekdays I often stop at a local salad bar on my lunch break and take it to a park to eat while enjoying some sun, breeze, and beauty!
eat outsideI hope you are looking forward to summer as much as I am! What are some of your tried and true ways to eat healthy?
Your Trainer,

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