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To the Men I Care About!

Don’t get me wrong, only ONE man has my heart! However, I have had the privilege of training not only women, but many men and families as well. I love that a holistic workout with modification options can draw so many different people into one space! If you didn’t read my letter to the ladies out there offering some tough love, please read that here! As promised, here is some of that tough love to the guys we care so much for.DSC_4775-3079352828-OGuys, any woman out there will say that they appreciate all you do for the home and family. Making a living, being a role model and friend, building your career, and often being the Mr. Fix-It of all things can easily go overlooked. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do it all, be it all, and have a few minutes to kick your feet up and watch some Sports Center (Married or single!). Despite the time restrictions many men are facing, I can speak for many women out there when I say, we want you to be healthy first and foremost. We want YOU around for the long haul.

Disease is real and it is scary for families. The stress levels that many people are under make developing disease even greater. Please put down the late night ice-cream, going to bed too late, and lack of exercise.

No matter your waist size, you are still sexy year after year! Sexy is how you carry yourself, and exuding confidence is part of that. Even if you feel good, please go to the doctor when it’s time, get a check-up , and be compliment. Not so you can look better, but so you can be around longer!

You know what you need to do in order to be healthier. This doesn’t mean you follow every tip and article in Men’s Health, but it means that you make some good choices every day despite the chaos of life. Those small consistent choices will add up. Let the people around you know what you need to succeed. More than likely they are eager and happy to help.

Guys, thanks for your strength, discipline, and work ethic. Please take all of those positive qualities and apply them more to your well-being. Don’t push it aside any longer.
You got this!letter to the guysYour Trainer and Cheerleader,


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  • Cassie, Enjoy reading your posts and this one is especially relevant. Hope I get back to a full exercise routine in a month or two. In the meantime we wish you and yours well over the next exciting month for your family. Ron

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