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To The Women I Love!

I love having good girlfriends. I love creating a support network. I love chatting with women from different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. I believe it is priceless to have strong women on your side and to stand with them in return. I don’t believe in being catty or cruel. Mean girls and real housewives of where ever have a lot to learn. So yeah…I love you! And because I love you and value the strength in being a woman, I am going to let you know how I feel…DSC_9819

Please stop making excuses, and stop thinking you have to be perfect. There will never be enough time, and something will always come up and get in your way. There will always be opportunity for you to mess up, give in, or give up. If you do not start making time to take care of yourself now, who’s to say you ever will before it’s too late? This doesn’t have to look like some model’s fitness schedule, or actress’s clean eating routine. It may look different to you every week, but every week you are aiming to be healthy.

Please try to eat better and exercise. Not for bikini season, not to be skinnier than your friends, and not for a wedding. Do this for you. Do this to take care of your heart, your bones, and the rest of your amazing and capable body. Do this so aging will be more graceful, and you will have more energy. Not more energy to keep a pristine home, but more energy for you to love your husband, play with your kids, work hard, and go on adventures.

Be sexy, be confident, take risk, and try something new! Give up on being perfect. Have a piece of chocolate and let some cellulite show in your summer shorts. When some one compliments you, don’t jiggle your thighs and say, but what about these? Say thank you and soak in that compliment for a moment. (And try to believe it!)

Create systems, sacrifices, and plans that will set you up for success. A success defined by a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel good about who you are, flaws and all.

I totally get being hard on ourselves. I get choosing the wrong foods because we are busy. I even get choosing family time over exercise. But again, give up on perfection and figure something out that can work for you! Because I love you, I will say it again: Stop with the excuses and choose health! Stop with the excuses and stand tall! Stop with the excuses and be beautiful! Own it…you are an amazing and capable WOMAN!message for the ladies

Guys, you’re next…
Your Trainer and Cheerleader,

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