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Try it Thursday: Run For Fun??

We have several posts on the blog with running workouts, running diets, and running tips. But given all this attention to running, did you know that I hardly consider myself a runner? Running well/effortlessly/fast/long… is not something that comes natural to me at all. So why do I do it? And, can anyone be a runner?DSC_1805-2201013934-O

What if just by lacing up your shoes and moving faster than a walk you become a runner? What if you don’t participate in races, and your mile time is slow…can you still be a runner? What if you *gasp* run/walk when you go out?

The answer is, yes! You are a runner! Anyone can be a runner! Don’t believe me? Head to a local organized race this summer to support a family member, co-worker, or friend who is running. Hanging out at the finish line is one of the most inspiring things you can do. As you watch every age, shape, size, speed, ethnicity, and handicap cross the finish line, you will quickly see that ANYONE can be a runner! It is incredibly inspiring!

I like to run for fun. It doesn’t always feel fun at the time, but things I enjoy, that make me feel better include: exercise, nature, people, good music, time alone, and challenge. Therefore, running is a great choice for me! I don’t sign up for many races, and usually simply compete with myself. If you don’t have that commitment yet, but want to start running, signing up for a race is a great way to stay accountable to a running schedule and convince yourself that you ARE a runner!

Don’t worry about mileage when you start. Simply head out and run for time. Today you may want to try to run for 10 minutes, while as you get in better condition you may see how far you can get in 30 minutes.

Walk/run intervals are a great way to work on your running endurance and burn some major fat! Maybe at first you walk more than you run…SO WHAT! Keep track of how far you go every time you lace up your shoes. I guarantee you will see longer and/or faster running stretches!

But again, why run? And for fun nonetheless?
1. Running is free and accessible. All you really need to get started are the proper shoes. After that, there is no excuse because you can run anywhere you are at anytime.
2. Running burns some calories! In a study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin and the VA Medical Center, the treadmill (used at a “hard” exertion level) torched an average of 705-865 calories in an hour. The stair-stepper (637-746), rower (606-739), cross-country ski machine (595-678) and stationary bike (498-604) were all lower in overall caloric burn.womenshealth.com
3. If you feel like running is hard on the knees, wait up. Maybe you are running too often without recovery or not properly fitted for shoes. Yes, too much pounding could be bad, but running can take pressure and weight off of the knees by keeping your weight down, and strengthen supporting ligaments and boost cartilage by increasing oxygen flow. When you are running for fun, pain should not be part of the equation! Keep an eye on things and give your body some time to build up to more and adjust to the training.
4. As I stated before, I run for my own personal reasons. Figure out why you want and need to run and that will motivate you to get out there!run for funRunning questions? I can try to help…but I’m not a runner…or am I?! No matter your thoughts, fears, or questions, I have got some great resources to help you! What are you waiting for? Get out there today!

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  • Great post! It took me a long time to accept the stigma of being a runner. Now I embrace it. If you’re out there trying, you’re just like the rest of us. You’re a runner.

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