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Monday’s Motivation: Rebecca!

When a fitness buddy came up to me after class one day to tell me about her current victories, I knew she would have a great story to share! She is on her journey working hard and having some fun. Meet Rebecca!rebecca

One of my favorite things happened the other day! I LOVE when people share with me how they are succeeding in their health and fitness journeys, and you opened up to me a bit about yours!
I love your testimony because it seems to me that you were already prioritizing fitness in your life Tell me what has recently changed?
I felt like I was healthy. I was active, running 2x/week and yoga 1x/week. I was having some upper hamstring pain, so I had really cut back my running and I kept gaining weight, about 1 lb a week, some of this having to do with a restart of an old medication. I knew I needed to do something different, something to change the way my body was working. I felt like I was getting into a slippery slope where you run and then you’re starving-so you eat back all the calories you’ve burned and then some! Mentally, you make it ok because you did all that running, right? Not so much! Another motivator: my sister is getting remarried in the summer and I was not happy with how I was looking in those bridesmaid dresses!

What did your old fitness routine look like?
I ran 2x per week, an average of 3-5 miles, with longer runs generally on Saturday and yoga 1x/week.  I also did Body Pump on occasion, but not routinely. I had very little emphasis on strength training.

What does your new fitness routine look like?
I’ve been doing HIIT 2x/week for the past 2 months or so and have just added running back into the mix. My upper hamstring is feeling better so I’ve added 1 run a week of lower mileage to get back into it!

How does your new routine make you feel?
I feel AWESOME!  I feel so strong. I feel like I can run around with my kids and it’s not so awkward. Things aren’t jiggling as much and I love that feeling. Plus, I’ve lost 5 lbs (maybe more since I haven’t hit the scale) and I have no idea how much fat I have lost!

What are your current fitness goals?
I want to get my running mileage back up to half marathon level. And I want to continue to build strength. I would like to trim down/lean out a little bit more too!DSC_9660How do you make time for fitness being being a wife, mom, etc…?
It is hard! And it takes a constant effort to carve out time to exercise when there are so many other things that need to be done. There’s ALWAYS something that needs to be done. I have my set days/times that I own as my workout times. Aside from those specific times, I try to be active with the kids. We walk our dog every day when my son gets off the bus. The kids get on their bikes and I run/walk with them. I try to keep active with them through play too. The tough part with kids (and a husband who travels) is that it’s not always as consistent as I would like, but I’m learning to go with the flow.

Rebecca during her old routine of running and yoga only back in October 2014.

Rebecca during her old routine of running and yoga only back in October 2014.

Rebecca after a few months of incorporating HIIT and strength training with the crew! Look at that gorgeous smile!

Rebecca after a few months of incorporating HIIT and strength training with the crew! Look at that gorgeous smile!

What is your favorite workout?
I am LOVING HIIT right now! It is always challenging and I feel like it is getting me into great shape! I also love yoga and running, all for different reasons. Yoga for the forced calm and mental challenge and running for the mental challenge and the achievement. Running farther than you’ve ever gone before feels so amazing, especially when you never imagined you could.
What is currently your greatest challenge?
Currently I struggle with eating well consistently. It is difficult to be consistent – though we are trying! If we get crazy busy and don’t make an official grocery trip, I run out of good stuff to eat… and then it’s toast with butter!  My downfall is bread and anything salty, so I am trying to find ways to satisfy this and still be healthy.

Do you value clean eating, or what do your ideas around eating healthy look like?
I do! We, as a family, have pretty healthy eating habits. Always fruits and veggies (the kids love them raw) and balanced meals. We try to eat as clean as possible and we rarely eat out. Our family treat is pizza on Friday nights. I’ve always enjoyed home cooking and make most things from scratch (even chicken nuggets and fries!).  I use Isagenix shakes as a meal option too, especially for breakfast when time is short.

Tell me why you bring your awesome mom to HIIT class, and why it’s important for you to do this together?
I love this question! I love my mom. She is the best person you could ever meet! My whole life she has always put her family, my sisters and me, ahead of herself, but this is not why I think she is the best person by the way! I think she is the best person because over the last few years she has started to make decisions and changes for herself. These decisions and changes have been hard for her because she struggles with being confident in them. She is much more reserved and self-conscious than I am, but now she is doing so many things to better herself professionally, personally, and physically. She wants and deserves to feel better about herself. I like to include her because I want her to know she can do anything, just as she always taught me! Plus, I like to hang out with her.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
The people around me. People I talk to every day. Perhaps I should have gone into the psychology because I am fascinated by what makes people tick! I’m fascinated by people’s stories. When you meet someone, it’s easy to make assumptions about who they are, where they come from, what they are like. But it’s when you talk to them and hear their stories, that you really understand who they are. Everyone has a story that has shaped their lives, I definitely do, and it’s those stories that have gotten them to the place they are in – good or bad. It makes me feel like, if they can do it, so can I!  Why not?  My mom, coincidentally, is a person who inspires me too. Her strength is so quiet, but always there. She has always been there for me, has weathered so many storms, and come out better for it.  If she can do it, so can I.

What advice do you have for people looking to get in better shape?
Decide to try something, anything! Find a group to keep you accountable. I don’t like to miss class or runs because someone is always asking where I was and that makes me feel bummed to have missed out. Find the inspiration that will be motivating to you. It’s all about choices – you have gotten to the place you are through the choices you make. Try to make good ones, just for you.

A hot, sweaty, HAPPY mess after a HIIT class!

A hot, sweaty, HAPPY mess after a HIIT class!

Another inspiring and motivating member of our fitness family! Thanks Rebecca!
Your Friend and Trainer,
Rebecca and Cassie

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