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Try it Thursday: Workout While You Watch TV!

Should I swing by the gym on my way home from work, or get home and catch up on some TV…I really just want to go home!

The number one reason people fail to exercise is TIME. Our days are full, and with everything seemingly needing to be prioritized as important, exercise can often get pushed away for many. By the time evening comes, we just want to zone out on the couch for a bit. Yes, one of the benefits of recording your favorite shows is being able to fast forward through the commercials, but I encourage you to let them play through tonight and use these breaks to add some movement to your day without too much extra time or effort! By the time your show is over you have done a little bit that will add up in a big way! commercial break workout

To take this a step further, do this every night during a show and change up the exercise moves that you do. Sometimes I will even use this time to stretch and foam roll. Use the time you have and workout smarter instead of always adding more to your to-do list (and then feeling like you failed if you didn’t get it all done). There is always a way to squeeze in activity, and that is a GREAT habitude!

This is simple but more effective than you know! Will you squeeze in some movement today?
Your Trainer,

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