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Happy Hour Boot Camp: April’s Schedule!

Pass and share this with your local Lake County friends! We are still going strong at 8:15 a.m. and we have Spring on the brain! As I near my due date, I am encouraging my participants to begin to train on their own a few days a week with walking, running, biking, and getting some fresh air while they do it! Here is the NEW schedule for April! 

boot camp
Mondays: No Class

Tuesdays: Total body strength and HIIT!
Even your toes will be sore after this workout. We will be incorporating our own body weight as well as different types of equipment to build strength AND lean out! Sprinkling some high intensity drills throughout the time will be your magic bullet!

Wednesdays: No Class

Thursdays: A Barre inspired workout focusing on fine toning, core work, and low weights/high repetitions! Clients are usually shocked at how difficult and rewarding this workout is!

Fridays: The hardest workout all week. Stations, strength, agility, plyometrics, cardio drills, and more! For only $5.00 you will want to make time for this one! The energy on a Friday is infectious and will set you up well for having a GREAT weekend!

Where: Spri Performance Center, 1769 Northwind Blvd, Libertyville Illinois 60048
When: Tuesday March 30th-Friday May 1st 8:15-9:15 a.m.
Cost: $10.00 drop in and $5.00 Fridays!
handstandCan you believe that when we wrap up this schedule it will almost officially be summer?!
Let’s get ready!
Your Trainer,

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