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Power of the Playlist!

I love music, and I have some diverse taste in what I listen to! I can go from my favorite gospel playlist to an angry, gritty, head banging playlist easily! When it comes to setting a tone, creating a mindset, an ambiance, or increasing energy, music is where I turn!

Just recently I stuck my ear buds in, jumped on a spin bike, and found myself working out much longer than I had planned to just because another great song kept coming on. When it comes to our workouts having a killer playlist that speaks to you is key!

Afternoon Acoustic is a great walking playlist!

Afternoon Acoustic is a great walking playlist!

Even if you don’t pay for premium memberships, investing some time and thought into Pandora, I Tunes, and Spotify should be part of your workout routine. Just like you go out and buy new kicks for race season, consider investing a little time and money into creating some music motivation!

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This playlist always gets me in the mood to move and workout hard!

And here is my March Madness music!

If music isn’t something you usually give much thought to in your training, I challenge you to rethink it. Every playlist you create doesn’t have to have a fast beat. Create a mix that you can reach for no matter your mood. Listen to your Get in the zone playlist on your way to work, and put on your Take a chill pill one for the drive home. Get creative and enjoy…this music is all for you! And, there are many playlists already created for you. All you have to do is follow!

What song makes you run faster, tap your foot, sing in the car, or get a speeding ticket?

Your Trainer,

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