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Try it Thursday: Go With the Flow!

Hello All! Today I come to you from…Amtrack! Currently I am taking a train from Ann Arbor Michigan to Chicago. I just finished up a fantastic visit with my sister and my niece and nephew, (Blake- 2 in July, and Camden-1 month old!). I love blogging ahead, scheduling my posts, and knowing what I would like to talk about each week, but this time I just planned to log on during my way home and allow the commute to bring out some creative thinking. Today’s post is me literally¬†going with the flow!amtrack blogging

I learned so much while staying with my sister and her little ones. First of all I am so grateful for the quality time I was able to spend with the kids. I love them so much, and watching them grow warms my heart to the max. Second of all, with me being just a few short months from having my own baby, I was able to practice a bit with hers. From early morning to bed time, I was able to see all that goes into taking care of little ones around the clock. My respect for my sister and brother-in-law grew, and so did my understanding of being a mommy. I tried to be as hands on as possible, which I now understand was just what I needed. After the week with my sis, I feel much less nervous about having a newborn.

Weren't we just little girls ourselves...?

Weren’t we just little girls ourselves…?

This week I was able to go with the flow, and eat a few things I wouldn’t normally eat (homemade Spring sugar cookies with Blake. And yes, I have a belly ache from too much frosting!).
spring cookies
sprng cookies 2
I also took a break from my usual workout schedule, but was still able to stay active by taking Blake swimming (I was able to squeeze in a few laps while she splashed with mommy), go for a walk when the weather broke, do some free weight training in the living room while Cam took a nap, and I even hit up the local gym once for a $5.00 drop in fee for one really good sweat!

Terrified and super excited...that's about how it went!

Terrified and super excited…that’s about how it went!

One day the temp neared 30 and the sun melted snow snow. fresh air and a walk! Ahhh!

One day the temp neared 30 and the sun melted some of the snow. Fresh air and a walk! Ahhh!

living room workout

This gym was nothing special and quite small...but it had everything you need to get a good sweat going!

This gym was nothing special and quite small…but it had everything you need to get a good sweat going! 31 weeks and growing…everywhere!

Traveling. kids, work, etc really proves to test our commitment to our health and well-being. However, I believe there is always something you can do, and something is better than nothing. Even if you loosen up your training and nutrition to enjoy life a bit (And I recommend you do from time to time!), always prioritize your health and make it work!

My nephew Camden Jacob, all clean!

My nephew Camden Jacob, all clean!

This week hanging around kids made me create a go with the flow plan. For you it may be recovering from an injury or surgery, traveling, illness, or late night meetings. Many times in my trainings I have clients talk to me about an unplanned “cheat day”, not exercising all weekend, or not feeling motivated. When you are creating a life long healthy lifestyle, these times will happen! Don’t be so hard on yourself and recognize that being off makes you feel even more grateful for being on. I had a great time and hated to leave my family. However, I must admit, that I am looking forward to my own bed, the food my belly is used to, and my own workouts. Routine creates peace and the ability to live a balanced life-but we do need to be willing to go with the flow and live with a bit of margin. Don’t be too strict or too busy and watch the sweet moments pass you by.
How will you go with the flow this week or in the future?

Your Trainer,

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