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10 Non-Fitness Things About Me!

So many of you know me as a fitness lover. However, it is only a piece of who I am! Just for fun, get to know your trainer a little better. Beware…after reading some of these you may think different of me!just us

1. I love and appreciate eating healthy foods, but I don’t love cooking.
I go through phases where I am dynamite in the kitchen, but most of the time I assemble things and would never consider that I just “cooked” a meal. I like pouring a glass of wine, listening to music, and the idea of a beautiful, tasty, and nutritional meal…but again, I am not too keen on the work involved to get there.cooking2. I grew up on a horse farm.
Our house was just down the country road from the farm where my Grandpa and Grandma lived, and my Dad worked since he was a teen. Dad is a jockey for harness racing horses. (No he is not 5 feet tall and 110 pounds! That’s the other kind of jockey!) He has been breeding, training, and racing horses at least as long as I have been around. I spent a lot of time on the farm growing up with my grandparents, playing outside all day, getting dirty, and never fully appreciating being around the horses. When something is all you know, I think you tend to take those things for granted.dad racing

3. I wear make-up to the gym.
As an instructor I just feel better about my personal presentation while meeting and mingling with participants. I by no means go all out, but some natural powder (I love Bare Mineral) and a little mascara go a LONG way!

4. When I was 10 years old I shaved my eyebrows off.
Um…yes. This is true. You are probably wondering, how the heck? Why? I would love to tell you that story. Let me know if you want to hear it.

5. I am a homebody.
As relational and social as I am, I could go days without seeing another human and never opening my mouth. I love staying in and enjoying the simple things that make all of our hard work worth it.

6. I may have an unhealthy love for animals.
I am pretty tender-hearted towards God’s furry creatures. I can NOT watch those animal adoption commercials without breaking down (so now we just change the channel quickly). I literally kiss my dog 100 times a day. I think I really do…I will have to count one day. I could waste hours watching funny cat and dog videos on You Tube, and I can’t walk past a dog on the street without giving him a scratch and some loving. As a kid I had dogs, kittens, a goat, a bunny, and I think we even had some hamsters at one time. This affection goes way back.wyatt7. My current favorite TV shows are:
Parenthood (I am watching on Netflix-currently in season 4), Scandal, Jimmy Fallon, AND Jimmy Kimmel. My all time favorite binge watch was Breaking Bad and the Tudors.

A little R&R and Netflix...

A little R&R and Netflix…

8.  I love listening to old hymns.
Growing up close to my grandparents, I learned all of the old hymns riding in the car with them, or signing along in their home. To this day those songs warm my heart, bring me peace, and help me to remember my grandparents as well as God’s faithfulness.

9. My pet peeve is people who chronically interrupt.
I am pretty patient…but this one gets old.

10. Being a wife is the best job I have ever had.
I love my role as wife and partner, and I take it pretty seriously. It has been the most life-giving and confidence boosting assignment I have taken. I hope that motherhood continues to grow me, my spouse, and my marriage.IMG_9822

Well…are we still friends?
What are some things people may not know about you?

Your Trainer,

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  • You should adopt “Get To Know Your Trainer Tuesday!” or similar, posting a random fact every week- because this was fun to read! We’ll DEFINITELY need to hear about the eyebrow story tomorrow night 🙂

    • Kelli,
      Thanks for this suggestion! I am usually always surprised at the response I get when I post something personal. But I totally get it as I like to “know” the person behind the blogs I follow! It helps to make a personal connection and not always just “get down to business”. I really like this and THANK YOU! Remind me to tell the eyebrow story!:)

  • Cass, forgot about the eyebrow incident. I remember lots of these things you mentioned. Chloe is one of my reasons for loving Great Dane’s so much. Many memories out there and I love your grandparents too!!!!

  • LOVE the post! Didn’t know about the eyebrows :–) And girl, you will LOVE how parenthood will strengthen your marriage. Seeing him love on another person will expand your heart in ways you didn’t think possible…and you will love and admire and respect him even more. I can’t WAIT to keep watching your blog!!

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