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Pregnancy Diary From a Fitness Lover!

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby and overall feeling pretty good. I was nervous to see what pregnancy would hold for me, and often knock on wood when I tell people I am doing well. I recognize that every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. It can be fun to talk and compare stories, but all in all, this is my own journey; personal and unique.

As a fitness lover, wellness junkie, and healthy eater, I wondered how things would need to change in order to nourish, care for, and tend to my growing baby. I recently took a wonderful workshop on perinatal fitness which educated me even more on all things for a healthy, fit pregnancy. I have found that during this time my body speaks to me loud and clear telling me what I need and do not need.

My workouts started off much as they had been. I was still running, lifting weights, doing HIIT workouts, yoga, and indoor cycling. As my belly grows and body changes, I am still able to move and do most things that I would want to at 24 weeks pregnant. However, the way I do things has changed. When I run, I only do short intervals interspersed with walking. I continue to work on my strength and flexibly, but avoid exercises that are contraindicated due to decreased blood flow to the baby, or rectus abdominal work. In my HIIT workouts I take many more breaks, and do much less impact/jumping. Not because I can’t, but more because it just doesn’t feel right. I have invested in some prenatal yoga time several times a week focusing on modifications, and tending to areas of the body the pregnant body needs. (Think hips, pelvis, and yoga squats.)

I can't BELIEVE I am showing you this! But, I do enjoy seeing other's post such images, and now you can see the REAL change!  24 weeks!

I can’t BELIEVE I am showing you this! But, I do enjoy seeing other’s post such images, and now you can see the REAL change!
24 weeks!

I will continue to check in with my body on a daily basis listening to what it has to tell me. Creating a mind-body awareness before pregnancy has made the process of listening a bit easier. I highly contribute feeling so well at this time to exercise. It has been my saving grace! It always makes me feel good, improves my self-confidence as I continue to change, and makes me feel strong and capable thinking that maybe…just maybe, I can do this mom thing.hoverI do get tired more easily, but take breaks when I can. I do not love eating my veggies because they just don’t taste as good as they used to. However, I want to nourish my baby and my body the best I can, so I eat them. However, I have found making big glasses of fresh juice with lots of greens, veggies, and fruit has been much more enjoyable (and I feel good about what I am putting into my body). I continue to focus on getting good quality protein sources in each day including eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, protein muffins, chicken, ground turkey, beef, fish, organic tofu, nuts, and beans. I do indulge more than I used to, knowing that my body needs more fuel to support the baby and my workouts. (This is not the time to feel badly about a pizza night with my husband!)

juiceI am at a point entering month 6 of being content with the changes. I am enjoying the process and having such a wonderful support system makes this journey a true joy. My husband is constantly complementing me and caring for me. My friends are donating baby furniture, baby supplies, and adorable baby clothes. My family is checking in often excited for May to arrive. My fitness community is constantly complimenting me on my workouts and thanking me for continuing the work I do through this time. Last but never least, I feel a closer connection to God as I trust that this new chapter is part of what he thinks is best for me.

I am fully aware that the third trimester could/will be more challenging and more uncomfortable. I continue to pray for a safe, healthy pregnancy all the way through.

Pregnancy Habitudes:
I lather my body in coconut oil and body butter everyday.
I walk daily (weather permitting outside).
I eat when I’m hungry, focusing on healthy nutrient dense foods, with treats sprinkled in here and there.
I rest when I need to.
I continue to exercise.
I value sleep and bedtime, avoiding late nights.
I limit sugar.
I practice some yoga each week, and stretch before bed.
I drink a TON of water.
I go to a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care.
I laugh a lot about all that’s going on in this body.
I surround myself with positive people-especially moms with encouraging words.
I don’t over research or read, avoiding the overwhelmed feeling.
I continue to work and play, staying true to who I am.
I pray and ask for wisdom, health, guidance, and protection during this time.

Many times my mind wants to do more, but my body just can’t. I look forward to spring, meeting my baby, and pushing the jogging stroller around. But for now, I continue to do the best I can to be healthy, and know fully that may look different each day.

Many people have thoughts, comments, and advice when they hear that I am going to be a mom. I must say that the best thing I have heard yet was; Surround yourself with encouraging supportive women. It will make everything easier. I thought that was so wise, and so beautiful.

Thank you for all of your support! I would love to hear your fun stories and comments on starting a family!

Your Trainer,

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