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Try it Thursday: The Habitude Fitness Way to Diet and Exercise!

I am not a trained nutritionist, elite personal trainer, or counselor. I am however, passionate about wellness and encouraging people who are struggling (and we all are at certain times!).

Through several years of ups and downs, trial and errors, certifications and research, and conversations with others, I believe that the best path to results in health, disease prevention, weight loss, and fitness is YOUR path.


 And that is actually not very easy! Doing the bare minimum, living in denial, making excuses, or wearing rose-colored glasses can last a lifetime.

 Once you decide you want to change, you must create plans to succeed and then actually follow through!

Step One:
Make a small change.
Whether it’s throwing out the junk and trigger foods, cutting night-time snacking, or going for a walk a couple of times a week; make a commitment to change SOMETHING, and do it. Do this for a while. Weeks or months even. Wait until this one small change is a normal part of your lifestyle and routine. Next, think of something else you can do. Drink more water, start a food diary, walk an extra day of the week-then do that. Keep making small, healthy, manageable changes until you are feeling better, more confident, and notice your health and out look improving.DSC_4841-2-3089546434-O

Step Two:
Be a detective.
Be willing to try new methods, recipes, workouts, and habitudes. Find what works for you and don’t give up until you find it. This requires thought, prep, patience, and much trial and error. (Are you really willing to try and fail and not let it get you totally off course?) It doesn’t matter if you are a calorie counter, Paleo dieter, cross fitter, or walker. Try something, stick to it for a bit and track your results. (Results being physical and measurable of course, but also taking note of how you are feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.) 

Step Three:
Push yourself.
Once you figure out that you are doing well with certain habits, exercise methods, and food choices, push yourself to try more. Have your taste buds adjusted to healthier food choices and less sugar? Make it cleaner. Seeing good results walking 3 times a week? Make it 4 times or start run/walking. 


This process is not a fast way to weight loss, health, and fitness. Unfortunately/fortunately this actually takes a lot of time; months and even years. But that is exactly why it works. When you start adjusting your habitudes, you will look back next year at this time and see how much you’ve grown. Then in another year you will see even more changes, benefits, and growth and get excited about what another year brought. Throughout your efforts you will always have life happening around you; stress, work, kids, illness, busyness, the holidays, etc. But it doesn’t matter. After you have your ah-ha moment, you will desire authentic health, and life’s road bumps may make it harder, but they won’t stop you. You can’t allow them to stop you, or you are right back at the beginning risking doing the bare minimum, living in denial, making excuses, or wearing rose-colored glasses…again. By making your own rules for healthy eating, creating an activity plan that you enjoy, and be responsible to your own health and out comes, you will get there. You just have to be willing to be patient and do the work. Are you willing?No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2422936739-O
What to you think of a slow and steady approach to change?
Your Trainer,

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