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I have been having some great conversations with people regarding their 2015 goals. I love and admire ideas around small changes, listening to the body, and implementing overall health rather than weight loss. It has been so fun to help people dream and plan up their healthy habitudes for 2015!DSC_5314-3122293996-O One great 2015 conversation was on running, training for races, and taking care of a body that has many miles on it. This led me to dig around and research some ideas on how we can continue to be active and injury free for years to come as runners (or wannabe runners if you are like me!). After reading some interesting information I reached out to my good friend and marathoner, Mike. (Read more on Mike’s inspiring journey here!)

After! Crossing another finish line!

After! Crossing another finish line!

I asked him if he thought it was possible to train effectively and efficiently for a half marathon by running minimal days, incorporating sprint training, and of course plenty of cross training. After a good conversation, I gave Mike the go-ahead to create a comprehensive training regimen that anyone could follow, reduce the risk of injury and overtraining, and feel ready for race day. Here is the awesome program he came up with!

Week Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Mileage
1 Rest 3 mile run X-Train 3 mile run X-Train Rest/X-Train 6 mile easy 12
2 Rest 3 mile run X-Train 3 mile run X-Train Rest/X-Train 7 mile easy 13
3 Rest 3 mile repeat X-Train 4 mile tempo X-Train Light X-Train 9 mile easy 16
4 Rest 25 mins hills X-Train 4 mile repeat X-Train Rest 10 mile easy 18
5 Rest 30 mins hills X-Train 6 mile tempo X-Train Light X-Train 9 mile easy 20
6 Rest 5 mile easy X-Train 4 mile repeat X-Train Rest 12 miles easy 21
7 Rest 4 mile easy X-Train 30 mins hills X-Train Rest 10 mile easy 19
8 Rest 4 mile easy X-Train 4 mile tempo X-Train Rest 11 mile easy 19
9 Rest 5 mile easy X-Train 6 mile tempo X-Train Rest/X-Train 7 mile easy 18
10 Rest 4 mile repeat X-Train 3-4 miles easy X-Train Rest RACE DAY! 21.1

What is X-Train: Yoga, core, HIIT, swim, weight training (separate muscle groups), bike/elliptical.

Note: If you want to mix in X Training on Friday before a long run you can but try something easy on the joints like biking or the elliptical so that you can recover more quickly.

Sundays: If you are up for it, you can mix in a small run or at least go for a walk. It’s best to get the muscles moving a little bit to get the kinks out!

How to attack the hills: Make sure you warm up for at least one mile. Find a hill or series of hills and repeat up AND down. If hills are not around, find a parking garage or bridge w/ a sidewalk area.

What are Repeats: Warm up for one mile. Run 100-125% of your marathon pace for 1 mile, then jog ¼ mile. Increased pace again for 1 mile, jog and recover for ¼ mile. Repeat until mileage is complete.

What are Tempos: Warm up for 1 mile. Run desired marathon pace for the duration of the run (if not faster), then cool down.

Tip: Have a good base. The start of this begins at 3 miles. Make sure you’ve been able to do that for several weeks leading up to this. This is a low mileage training plan but it is also only 10 weeks, so it gets into it right away!

Mike did his homework and he has some miles and races under his belt. I look forward to trying this training program myself once my little bundle arrives and my jogging stroller is set up! Don’t forget to review some vital information on our Runner’s Diet, and be sure to let us know what you think of this program, and if you plan on giving it a try!DSC_1801-2201013919-O

Your Trainer,

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  • Running a half marathon is my 2015 goal! Planning to sign up for the Chicago half marathon on 9/27 when registration opens. Excited to challenge myself! Thanks for the motivation as always 🙂

    • Kelli! That’s fantastic! What a great 2015 goal. These goals are challenging physically, but there is so much more that goes into preparing! Keep us posted! You got this!

  • Great 2015 goal and totally achievable! This plan looks a lot like the one I followed to run my first half-marathon … at 8 weeks pregnant! I’m planning my post-partum return to racing this May at Bloomsday, a 12k run here in Spokane that attracts nearly 50,000 runners and walkers. My advice: sign up for your race NOW! Having it on the calendar (and your registration fee paid) is excellent motivation when you feel like quitting your training plan. Good luck and happy training to all the goal-setters.

    • Way to go Moriah, and thanks for the great tips for getting out there and sticking with it! How does little Josie do in the jogging stroller…?!! Keep us posted on your progress!

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