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3 Ways to Get Healthy and Motivated in 2015! (Tough Love From Your Trainer!)

Happy New Year! I love the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions. Working on creating better relationships, advancing your career, traveling, more reading, a better attitude, or saving money are all things people are resolving to do in 2015. A huge part of the resolutions we see and hear about are those focused on weight loss, fitness, and eating better. Today I share with you my top 3 areas to focus on to get and stay motivated in 2015!No_Print_Web_Sharing_Only_DSC_-2422944814-O
Ready for some tough love…?
1. In Fitness

I have heard it ALL when it comes to reasons people skip a workout, don’t like to exercise, or can’t make the time to move. I have created many programs for people, and they have invested both time and money in fitness training and cease to make improvements and commitments to their fitness. I am very empathetic that many people leave daily during the early morning hours for work, and don’t return until late in the evening due to commutes, work meetings, family, and the like. However, if those individuals focus on healthy eating, walking when they can, and being active on their weekends off, they can still strive to be healthy and well given their current circumstance. But what about the rest of us? What is really holding us back from getting the much-needed movement our bodies need in a day?
First, I am convicted that we are living very distracted lives. We have so much to do in a day, and everything seems equally important. However, there are things that should take precedence in our day, and folding laundry or catching up on evening TV isn’t one of them. To me, earning a living, investing in our spiritual well-being and growth, taking care of our families, and taking responsibilities for our bodies are the major things that should get the bulk of our time and attention.
Second, many people have that all or nothing attitude. I can’t stress enough that you do not need anything special, a gym membership, extra money, or loads of time to exercise. Walking is a fantastic exercise and is free and easy. Exercising at home is a great option if you don’t have the time or money for a gym or personal trainer. And lastly, you no NOT need an hour a day to get and stay fit. Getting RID of these mindsets and changing the way you think about movement is key to getting and staying committed!

2. In Diet
How many wrinkled noses and excuses can one trainer hear?! I say that because I care. I care about YOU, your goals, and overall your future well-being. Sorry, but if you want to be healthy, fight disease, and lose weight, you have to eat vegetables and you have to find a way that you can explore them and enjoy them. (And dumping the can of peas into the microwave once a week is NOT what I am talking about.) As a trainer and coach, I do not care what diet you follow. Clean eating, Paleo, or Weight Watchers is fine with me. Just find something that works for you and do it! Lastly, how do you expect to be successful with ice cream, chips, and Oreos in your kitchen? Those items will constantly tempt you and more than likely get the best of you. GET THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE. (But the kids, but my spouse…I know, I have heard it many times!) Make these items a special treat that see the inside of your pantry once in a while, rather than a staple on the grocery list. Clean out the kitchen…for you AND your family’s health.

3. In Mindset
Often overeating, sitting on the couch, or making poor choices is a symptom rather than a problem. Take time to tend to your mental and emotional health and be a detective. Ask yourself why you are making the same poor choice over and over again. Think about your lifestyle, workload, emotional support, stress level, etc. Then, do something to change it if you need to. Don’t sit around and wait for things to magically change. Create a support system, plan, or new habits to turn a poor habitude/mindset into a positive one. Lastly, don’t feel you have to do this on your own. Hire a health coach, talk to a friend, or get some professional help. Take this tip seriously and start to change and live the life you always dreamed of! You deserve it!

DSC_1887-2201015101-OBeing healthy in America is hard work. We drive everywhere, sit on our butts at work, and have every convenience food at our finger tips. However, if you want to look better, feel better, do better, be more, you can. YOU CAN! One small change at a time. Move more, eat better, take care. make 2015 the year!

Your Trainer,

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