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Try it Thursday: Stay on Track While you Travel and a Holiday Playlist!

Traveling and staying on track during the holidays…is it possible?!
Just a little planning, a hotel room, the guest room at Grandma’s, or a small outdoor space is all you need!

When it comes to all the efforts we put in to seek healthy eating, exercise, and attitudes it wouldn’t make any sense to forgo it just because we may be out-of-town for business or pleasure. There are several ways to keep on track and maintain all of the hard work you put in while you are home.

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be traveling, busy, and sleeping in hotels or on pull outs. I promise if you make time for some activity during your festivities, you will not regret it. I myself travel and stay with family during Christmas. I may not always have time for an hour-long sweat session, but I always try to make time for some sort of activity. I do this because I feel better, I sleep better, and it’s just part of who I am. I can’t just abandon that for a week! My workouts could easily be some yoga or HIIT in the guest room or heading out for a quick walk or jog.

Having this upbeat holiday workout mix will not only motivate you to get moving but keep your holiday spirits up!

Plan to walk in the morning before you start your day or in the evening after dinner and recruit some family members to join you. The fresh air always makes you feel better if you are feeling cooped up, restless, or need a little time out from the fam! If you are staying in a hotel, find the pool and go for a swim! Google some local gyms and studios and find out the class schedule and drop in rate. I also love using YouTube for FREE workout ideas, and will play them on my phone while I jump around! (Let me know if you need some good workout channels to subscribe to!) If you are staying home for the holidays, but still running around to see family and friends, ask your spouse, parents, or kids to join you. Everyone will be in good spirits with a little exercise sprinkled into the day! Be a positive influence on your loved ones and pay your healthy habits forward. Never feel guilty for taking a few moments out for yourself to get a quick workout in.

I love HIIT (high, intensity, interval, training). If you are not familiar with this type of training or would like to increase your knowledge about why this is such an effective way to train, please check out, “HIIT” the Ground Running! This type of training is high intensity, or as I often say, all-out effort! You will want to execute each exercise with power, strength, focus, speed, and intention. Short recoveries combined with maximum effort equals maximum results. There are so many powerful moves that you can incorporate into a tiny space or park. Hauling some tubing or bands in your suitcase will encourage creativity, but this is not essential.

Be sure take your Holiday HIIT routines with you. These workouts require no equipment, little space, and very little time. Therefore, there are NO excuses!
New holiday hiit
Holiday AMRAP
Knock Off xmas

Here is a simple running workout that will take no time at all. You will be home and showered before anyone even realizes you were gone!

Getting Back to Basics:
Go for a walk or run for 15 minutes. Turn around and come back! 30 minutes-done!DSCN0463

Eating healthy while traveling can be challenging. The best advice I have to offer is to plan ahead. First, make a commitment of when to say no and when to say yes. If you say yes to everything, because it’s the holidays and you think, what the hell (check out this post on the what the hell effect. It is real, so beware!), you may wind up feeling tired, bloated, and guilty. There are special treats and traditions that you will want to indulge in, and you should! However, balance is the key around the holidays.
snacksWe drive to our holiday destination, so I am able to head to the grocery store before the trip and pick up a few healthy snacks I like to have on hand. These are great to have for the road trip and at the house, I am staying at. Once you make it into town, swing by the grocery store in the town you are staying in and pick up ingredients to make some healthy options for the parties. Pack some healthy treats in your carry on if you are flying, and choose the salad at the airport bar versus the cheeseburger!

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Teddy Roosevelt

More than anything-Enjoy and be present!
I would love to hear some of your tips for maintaining your healthy habitudes when away from home!
Merry Fitmas!
Your Trainer,

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