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This Week Celebrate Joy!

Week 3 of our Advent reflections! Check out the posts on hope and peace to catch up!

This is the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons. Peoples’ hearts seem to be more open, warm, kind, and ready to give unlike any other time. We are focused on family, friends, festivities, and faith. We light our houses, give to the needy, watch a child’s eyes light up at the thought of Santa and shiny new toys, and we celebrate a spirit of togetherness no matter our faith background!joy

On the flip side, the holidays can be tough for people. Many people are down on their luck, jobless, without family, or holding onto bad memories that the holidays can fester up.

Whether finding joy during the holidays is an easy or difficult task for you, I encourage you to look beyond the glitz and hype, or put away the sad emotions for just a moment. Recognize that joy is not necessarily feeling happy. Joy is finding something good in the midst of any situation. For me, it is knowing that God is ultimately in control. Quietly, I always try to remember that everything will always be alright.

This Christmas find joy! This week find joy! Today…find some JOY! A must have habitude for all.

Merry Fitmas!
Your Trainer,

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