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Merry Fitmas! AMRAP and This Week’s Tip!

Wow! It is already week 2 of our Merry Fitmas Challenge! There is still time to join us, check in each week, count your miles, and work on your holiday habitudes! Check last week’s post for all the details!wyatt

This week be sure to add this killer total body AMRAP workout to getting in your daily miles, your Holiday HIIT routine, and of course the 100 Push-Up Challenge! Most importantly, be sure to be mindful each week to make a difference in someone’s life. Check that box on your Merry Fitmas Calendar 2014 at the end of each week if you were able to complete this most important holiday challenge!
Holiday AMRAPLast week your healthy holiday tip was to make sure you had healthy snack options in your home, your car, your desk, your backpack and your gym bag…basically everywhere!
Be sure to watch today’s VLOG for some serious motivation for the week and this week’s tip!

I love receiving your comments and messages telling me when you tried the workouts, how sore you are, and how many miles you are up to! Keep it coming. You all are so motivating to me!
Here’s to week 2!
Cheers and Merry Fitmas!
Your Trainer,

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