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Celebrating Peace This Week!

Happy Monday! By now we are more than likely feeling festive with the crowded stores, Christmas music playing in the background of most shops and offices, and the glow of holiday lights lining the streets as we drive by in the evenings. Each Monday we are pausing to reflect and take time for a weekly Advent reflection. Last week we paused for hope, while this week is all about peace.

In today’s world and circumstances, peace may not mean perfection, but it may mean a sense of calm among the craziness whirling around us. I heard a teaching in church this weekend that the idea of peace was truly an establishment of relationships. It is when we go beyond “agreeing to disagree”, and say, “help me to understand.” Our speaker later went on to say that true peace can only exist when two parties are more interested in the relationship than the issue. See the full talk here.

Today we still are dealing with injustice, abuse, hatred, racism, and poverty. In our homes we have disagreements, grudges being held, marriages dissolving, dissatisfaction, chaos, and arguing.

However, if we truly believe in a better way and living a life out loud for peace in our homes, our work, our communities, and our world, we will champion the right to speak to our communities with everyone’s best interest at heart!

Growing in this habitude will impact us, and those around us in a BIG way!
Meditate for a moment on how you can live in peace today.

Creating peace is a must-have holiday habitude this time of year and every day forward!
Merry Fitmas!
Your Trainer,

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