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Merry Fitmas!

All month long Habitude Fitness is here to help you to create new goals, get stronger, and be well while enjoying all things merry and bright!

Be sure to check in every Tuesday for a new Fitmas Post featuring special workout challenges and fun ways to enjoy the holidays.

Last year for our Habitudes for the Holidays Challenge we dove into all dimensions of our wellness with a new challenge several times a week focusing on body, mind, and spirit. One of our ongoing challenges was the incredibly successful 100 mile challenge. This year we are going to do the same! From December 1st to January 1st, you will track your exercise. Running and walking will be counted mile for mile. For biking you will divide your total miles by 3, and for all other forms of cardio every 10 minuets counts for 1 mile! I love this challenge participating in it for years through one of my favorite fitness blogs, Tone it Up! Having this goal and tracking it daily is a great way to ensure you stay active during this chilly, busy time of year!

Print off your Merry Fitmas Calendar 2014 so you can track your miles and check off your completed challenges!

Check out today’s VLOG for your Fitmas challenge and a fun healthy tip!

Below you will find your go-to holiday workout. This workout can be done at anytime, anywhere! It doesn’t take a lot of time and requires no equipment. It is basic and brutal. There will be absolutely no excuses this year. There will always be time for your Holiday HIIT routine! I am making sure you are prepped for success!
New holiday hiit

Be sure to track your miles and check off your challenges every time you check in on Tuesdays!
I have some great prizes this year! Stay tuned to hear more about what YOU can win!

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