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Celebrating Hope This Week!

The Christmas Season represents a lot of different things for different people. From parties to decorating, baking to snow days, Santa Claus to Hanukkah; all of these festivities and traditions have a spirit of love, life, gratitude, family, and giving.

I love learning about others’ traditions, beliefs, and passions-especially around this season. It is not only interesting and eye-opening, but it gives me ideas on the bigger world out there and how I want to grow in my own habits and attitudes.

Personally, I enjoy the season of Advent (the Latin word for coming), in preparation for Christmas day. By taking time all month to reflect on the first coming of Christ and eagerly anticipating His second coming, my focus shifts from the temporary to the lasting.

The theme around this week’s Advent habitude is hope. Hope is something we can all relate to coming from any walk of life or spiritual beliefs. Hope for change, hope for a better life, hope for the future, hope for healing, hope for security, or hope for peace.

Christmas 2013 with my first niece.

Christmas 2013 with my first niece.

Habitude Fitness is all about being well as a whole person… not just in fitness, but in all dimensions of our wellness. Pausing to reflect on the Christmas season for all it has to offer will bring us a peace over the next couple of weeks that shopping and baking just can’t deliver.

Going deeper:
Before the season is set full speed ahead, ask yourself right now what your hope is in. What do you hope for in the future, and what change can you make at this moment to focus on that hope and desire? What would you like this Christmas to look like for you and your family?

Be well in body, mind, and spirit this season. I hope and pray that you find the lasting hope Christmas can bring!
Your Trainer,

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