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Try it Thursday! Be Thankful!

Today’s challenge is pretty obvious, I know! But I wonder if we ever really take a true moment out of the busyness of travel, food prep, conversations, and family traditions to really reflect on all that we have, all that is given to us, and all that we love? We say, of course I am thankful! We say we are grateful for family and pumpkin pie, our freedom, and our friends. But what if we take a true moment out of the day to dig a little deeper? I can assume that anyone reading this is truly blessed beyond measure-even despite hard times, crisis, fear, and failures.

Are you grateful for the struggles that have made you a person of deeper character?
Are you thankful for your job, like it or not, because it provides for you and your family?
Are you in awe of the capabilities of your body to grow, transform, nourish, and facilitate you to do so much?
Are you feeling blessed when you think about the people in your life who have seen you at your best and at your worst?

Truly, it just takes a moment to think a little deeper, feel the heart swell, and focus on the goodness surrounding you. Try it right now!

Gratitude, community, rest, and fun are some of the best habitudes for you to practice for your optimal health and wellness!DSC_1859-2201014598-O
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, my friends! I wish you a day filled with a ridiculous amount of gratitude, love, laughter, and peace!

Cheers and blessings!
Your Trainer,

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