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It’s official! I am bringing home my forever English keepsake. I am pregnant and have been eager to share this with my family, friends, and fitness family alike. It is an honor for me to share this with all of you!

16 weeks!

16 weeks!

Being pregnant is truly a gift, as we were not trying nor expecting the pregnancy. Given some of my health issues in the past, we wondered if a family of our own would even be in our future. But letting go, healing, and allowing God to provide proved that He knows just what we need, just when we need it.

I am always up for a challenge and being pregnant and attempting to stay fit, healthy, and active is definitely a challenge!traing for 2Currently, I am entering month 5 at 16 weeks.

How did I do in my first trimester?
I was already 6 weeks pregnant when I found out and it was the fatigue and nausea that made me want to take a test. Despite not feeling well, I always made it a priority to exercise. Everything I read confirmed that this was the best thing. And it was. Sometimes I didn’t have the energy until late in the afternoon, but I still made time for my workouts including cardio, HIIT, walking, running, and strength training. The workouts were harder than ever to get through, but I listened to my body, took rests when needed, and always felt incredibly better when I was finished. The exercise gave me a boost of energy that had been lacking and produced great endorphins, as it does for all of us, that made me feel so much better.

Food was something that was giving me a few issues. No longer was it about getting in lean proteins and green veggies. Rather it was about, what can I stomach? As a veggie lover, I couldn’t even think about eating broccoli or a cucumber without feeling ill. Chicken literally made my stomach do flips…and not just eating it…but merely saying the word. I resolved to eat toast in the morning, soups, tons of fresh fruit, and believe it or not BEEF for dinner! I was CRAVING RED MEAT! This is funny to us because pre-pregnancy I could have easily been a vegetarian as meat, especially red meat, had become something I was fine with or without. Homemadeย burgers and sweet potato fries literally made my day. I ate Cheerios and almond milk before bed to try to ease a queasy stomach that woke me in the middle of the night, hot cocoa when out for “drinks”, and rice cakes in the middle of the night to ease nausea. I deeply desired to make green smoothies and eat a diet rich in nutrients, but the first 12 weeks was about sustenance and what would go down easily. Each week that past, I began to feel better and better, and by the time we took our vacation at the end of October I was feeling more like myself and able to enjoy most of the foods I desired.

A trick that helped me feel more energetic and less sick was eating every two hours or so. This is something that I am still needing to do in my second trimester, but am able to make healthier more balanced meal choices. Carbs are my friend as even the books say a pregnant lady needs more of them. I do try to eat a diet rich in more protein using the Brewer’s Diet as my guide. I try to have a complex carb and lean protein at every meal I eat. Because I am still working out, I am extra hungry! My calorie demand being active is slightly higher. I feel like I am eating ALL of the time, as well as expanding everywhere and seeing some fat in new places. But, this is what the female body does in preparation to build a baby! Quite the miracle…

The hard part…
It is difficult for any woman to feel her jeans getting tighter. For myself, I have really had to do some mental exercises and positive self-talk to prepare myself for this changing body. It is not easy to accept what is happening and I can feel guilty because I am even worried about it. But when I think about why I need to grow and change, I relax into it a bit more. I have concluded that all I can do is eat healthily and stay active focusing on perinatal fitness and rest when needed. Things may change for me, fat will appear, the proper push-up form will be modified, and skinny jeans will be put to the back of the closet…however, if pregnant women attempt to stay active, fit, and healthy for 9 months, we will have a better self-image throughout the pregnancy. We will be better prepared for the hardest workout of our lives; labor. And bouncing back post-baby will be less daunting! All of the support and affirmations from friends and loved ones make this process more enjoyable, and the second trimester is going great!

I have just finished a specialty certification in perinatal fitness in which I have learned so much! Not only do I hope to help myself through my own pregnancy, but I hope to reach a whole new group of fitness junkies preparing to get pregnant, who are pregnant, and who are postpartum. If you know any women like this, send them to Habitude Fitness as we will have more on the Pregnancy Project to come!

Don’t worry, even if you are not at this phase of life with me, I vow to continue to kick your butt and provide relevant information for everyone!

Your Trainer and her workout partner,
Cassie and Baby Phillips

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  • Cassie! Just found your site when I was messing around with my Google+. So many Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and Jake! I hope the rest of your pregnancy treats you well. โ™ก

    Susie Glow

  • So very happy for you! Your Richmond friends are continuing the search for the perfect English name ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cass- I am thrilled beyond belief for you! You and Jake are going to be amazing parents. I love you and can’t wait to give you a huge hug!

    Lots of love,


  • I’m so thrilled for you! What an incredible blessing/surprise/miracle! I can relate to almost everything you wrote here. And honestly, I’m SO GLAD to hear YOU talk about managing those pesky food aversions. For some reason I thought that compared to “fitness folks” I was alone in my inability to eat salads, etc. for much of my pregnancy. I found the aversions to be much tougher to work with than pregnancy cravings. We do what we have to do to nourish those picky babies! But I worked out right up to week 41 (yeah, I got an extra one in there, lucky me). Miss you like CRAZY.

    • I think we need honesty for women out there! I figured I will do my very best to give my body what it needs and the rest is out of my hands. Sometimes the pregnant woman “needs” fat, calories, protein, or sugar. I think being preemptive and prepared with eating and not obsessing about it at the same time is the key! Thanks for always killing it in the gym! You are an inspiration to all of us Moriah! Miss YOU!

  • Congratulations, Cassie!!! How exciting!

    I, too, craved beef (and potatoes) when I was pregnant with my son. To this day (22 years later), he loves meat and potatoes : )

    Wishing you a blissful pregnancy and an easy birth.


  • YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see how you grow (literally!) and change! You’re going to be an fantastic mom, Jake will be an awesome dad, and Wyatt will be a great big brother! ๐Ÿ™‚

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