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Try it Thursday: Your Happy Thanksgiving Feast!

One week from today most Americans will be eating a traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is filled with so many traditions and somewhat of a free pass when it comes to eating. I am not a fan of this free pass feeling that it could be viewed as the first day of many days ahead of excess. Too much food, too much sitting, too much spending, and too much overall consumption. I believe that one way to avoid falling into the trap of over doing it until January 1, 2015 is to make a plan right now for Thanksgiving Day!

Sure, your family and friends have certain expectations at the family meal, and feel free to meet those and to provide some of the traditions everyone has come to know, love, and cherish. However, in efforts to be mindful and healthy, I encourage you to try some healthier versions of many of your Thanksgiving favorites! It is a GOOD idea to try new things. With a mix of old and new on your table, you are sure to meet everyone’s needs and stay committed to your healthy lifestyle, (and perhaps have a positive influence on someone at the table to be a healthier person!)

I have been scouring the world wide web for weeks now and have created a Healthy Happy Thanksgiving board on Pinterest with some absolutely delicious looking dishes. Follow my board here!

Here are some photos and links to some great recipes and bloggers to entice you to make your Thanksgiving a healthy one!
This is an Instagram photo from a friend. She sent me the link to this amazing looking pie here! This is a gluten free, dairy free dessert for those at your dinner with special dietary needs.

This one was emailed to me by a good friend. I actually can’t wait to try it, and am giving it a go this weekend!

How about that stuffing? An average stuffing serving can contain 310 calories! And that’s just one side on your plate! I love this wild rice and quinoa stuffing or this gluten free stuffing! (This is a tough post to write…my mouth is starting to drool over these!

This one is easy and tasty!

Brussels sprouts, along with other cruciferous vegetables, contain compounds known as isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates may help prevent cancer by promoting the elimination of potential carcinogens from the body. Isothiocyanates may also reduce your risk of heart attack. –livestrong.com


A go to salad for me is this awesome kale salad. Relatives who have never even heard of kale will be surprised that they liked it, and will be asking for the recipe!

Recipe here!

Recipe here!

A festive seasonal cocktail will really make your party special…but when it comes to alcohol, calories can really sneak up on you. This is a great guide to a lighter way to enjoy your drinks!

Be sure to check out Habitude Fitness on Pinterest for more of my favorite healthy recipes to have right at your finger tips!

After Thanksgiving, no matter your menu, get right back on board with your healthy eating and fitness routine. This is the key to lasting success. Make a plan for Christmas to stay low stress, active, grateful, and content. Consider paying it forward by finding ways to spread all the love, goods, and blessings you have in your life those those who may not know or may be in need. Practice good habits and attitudes to the fullest this holiday season!

Last year's Thanksgiving Butterball:) My niece Blake.

Last year’s Thanksgiving Butterball:) My niece Blake. I could totally eat her up!

Send me your ideas for a healthy holiday! Like and share this post with your friends and famliy, and please know that comments and engagement on the blog are very appreciated!

Thankful for YOU!
Your Trainer,

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