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Try it Thursday: Build Muscle and Burn Fat While You Sleep!

When you train smarter and not necessarily harder or longer, results will speak for themselves. The best part about smart training is the work your body does outside of the gym. Follow these tips and get strong and lean while you are drifting off to dreamland every night!

1. Lift weights.
Walking, running, spinning, and the like are great for your cardiovascular system. However, if you would like to really change your physique and allow your body to be more efficient, you must lift weights. If you lift weights you will not only build more muscle, but you will also increase your metabolic rate while at rest (RMR). Here is a beautiful fact about RMR; if you increase your RMR you will burn more calories throughout your day, even when you are not at the gym!DSC_5064-3089550961-OAs we age our RMR will naturally decrease so it becomes even more important to lift weights. There are many workouts right here on the blog that include compound exercises with weight training that will enable you to burn fat even faster!

Habitude Fitness loves HIIT-high, intensity, interval, training! HIIT is all about EPOC: excess post oxygen consumption. To learn more about this phenomenon, read here and here! Find some of my favorite HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere right here on the blog!DSC_4865-3-3089547199-O3. Track you calories.
Many people have trouble here, myself included. It is important to take the time to find out how many calories you need to consume each day to maintain your weight. Track your consumption for a couple of weeks and see if you need to add or take away calories to get the strong lean body you are after. I am a firm believer that calorie counting alone isn’t enough and playing detective with your food is the key. Maybe you feel better with more protein, or maybe weight loss occurs for you when you eat low fat dairy. The exact opposite could be true for someone else, and that is why it takes eating lean, clean, nutritious healthy foods modestly- all while investigating what makes you look and feel your best!market 44. Get Sleep.
8 hours is still the recommended dose of zzz’s we all should aim for. Sleep allows for the recovery process to occur from all of the hard work you are doing at the gym. Because of your weight lifting and HIIT, your body will be working like crazy while you rest. It really doesn’t get any better than that!sleepThe strategy for building muscle and burning fat really is simple once you commit, get the feel, and modify your diet and workout to fit you personally. Follow these guidelines as a part of each day and stay committed to it for a lifetime!

Your Trainer,

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