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My Top 5 Habitudes to Stay Lean During the Holidays! (Halloween-Easter!!)

It’s the beginning of the holidays…I hope you are not saying that in a tone that sounds like an excuse. An excuse that means, Oh well. Everyone gains weight during the holidays. I will go on a diet for the New Year…after all… it’s the holidays.

The holidays officially start with Halloween…the sugar feast. It is hard resisting all the delicious little mini chocolates in the festive holiday wrappings, or the orange and black sprinkled cupcakes at the office. Maybe you live in one of those neighborhoods that get tons of kids dressed up in costumes begging, Trick-or-Treat! While that can be SO fun, resisting the urge to dip your own hand in the bowl can be a challenge!

Tip 1: Make a plan to get the excess candy/leftovers out of the house!
I know that I can’t have junk in my house. If I do I am constantly having to exhibit my willpower and that is extremely exhausting! One of the best tips for sticking to a health plan is to stock your house with the right foods and leftover Halloween candy that will last you until Christmas is just not one of them. Sorry mini pack of M&ms…I love you, but you’ve got to go now…

Tip 2: Start thinking about Thanksgiving now.
I recently had an email from a fitness friend that just reached her goal weight. She was already asking me about healthy recipes for the holidays and putting something together for Habitude Fitness as she doesn’t want the season of eating to derail her hard work. This is a great idea!! Please know that healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless. And please don’t use Thanksgiving as the ultimate excuse to eat whatever you want, gorge yourself, feel miserable, and then have trouble getting back on track the following week. Think ahead now about signing up for a Turkey Trot, looking on the internet for some healthier recipes to accompany some of your traditional ones, and prepping an eating strategy for the big day/weekend. Planning can and will help you SO much!


Tip 3: Party time! The holiday party hopping is just beginning after Thanksgiving.
Many people are tempted to fast or eat light all day if they are headed out to a fancy meal, house party, or night out on the town. If you do not eat enough during the day, you will be sure to over consume later in the night!! Try a good clean breakfast with lean proteins and fiber/protein snacks, and even a protein shake before you head out. Sometime at parties you feel like you need to have a plate or drink in hand. Come up with an alternative so you don’t feel awkward if you are not munching or drinking. Have a glass of water between each cocktail to stay hydrated and pace yourself. Make friends with the veggie tray. if you don’t think there will be a veggie tray? Bring one!

Tip 4: Do not skip your workouts!!!
Even with all of the activities for the kids, shopping, parties, and festivities, you need to be committed more than ever to your exercise routine. Not just for fitness, but for your sanity and stress relief too. Even if you don’t have time for the gym, sneak in a 20 minute HIIT workout in your living room or try The All Day Challenge! Non-negotiable!DSC_5117-3089552599-OTip 5: Keep a food journal to keep you honest.
Eggnog has 350 calories….whoops!  Don’t Don’t be a slave to it, and please still enjoy some of your favorite holiday treats! Allow tracking to keep you honest and bring awareness. That’s all! Tracking for a few weeks will give you the guidelines and the structure that will keep you calm all season, instead of freaking out on January 1st when you step on the scale!

I would love to hear some of your tips for staying healthy, happy, and lean throughout the holidays! (Halloween-Easter!)
Cheers to good times ahead!
Your Trainer,

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