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Try it Thursday: The Ultimate 5K Treadmill Training!

Recently I was able to take a proper vacation with my spouse. This was the honeymoon we dreamed of. We were young and just starting out in life when we got married. Paying for a wedding, a home, and a car seemed like the right decision for us versus a lavished honeymoon. We are so glad we waited for such a trip as now we are more mature, open-minded, and ready to explore the world. These habitudes led us to take a Mediterranean Cruise for 7 days. Launching the trip from Venice Italy, we spent a few days there exploring this enchanting and romantic city that is traveled only by canals, bridges, and interesting narrow streets. On the cruise, we stopped at many Greek Islands and finished up in Split Croatia. We were very active on most of our island ports hiking, climbing, and walking around the towns.italy




Stopping on a hike for some tricep dips!

Stopping on a hike for some tricep dips!

However, we had plenty of downtime on the ship as well. I used an hour a day to head to the ship’s gym training on the treadmill and with the free weights. Every time I stepped on the treadmill I committed to running at least 5K. However, treadmill running can bore me to tears, so I came up with this powerful new interval run to keep you engaged, pushing, and getting stronger each time you do it! This was my “go-to” all week!treadmill
Warm Up:
Start off walking for 5 minutes. At a pace of 4.0 this took me to about the .25 of a mile point.
The Workout:
-Easy jog for the next .25 (This will take you to half a mile.)
-Increase you pace by 0.5 for .10 (This took me to .60 of a mile)
-Every .10 increase your speed by 0.5 (If this is too big of a jump for you, just increase you speed to what you can manage.)
-By the time you see .90 and you are sprinting for that first 1.0 you will be breathless, sweaty, and killing it!
-Once you reach the mile mark, stop and set your pace to a walk where you can recover. Continue to walk until you feel like you can start this interval all over again for the second mile.
Continue Workout:
-Once you recover from your second mile, and you are walking and recovering in the third mile you are going to think about how fast you can set the speed and still feel safe and in control.
-When you are ready, step off of the treadmill belt and have your feet on the sides as the belt whizzes by.
-Get ready to jump on the belt, maybe even holding on the the handle to ensure you are stable, and SPRINT at the top speed you set for 30 seconds.
-At the end of the 30 seconds jump off to the sides again catching your breath. When you are ready, jump back on and SPRINT for 30 seconds. Continue this 30 second sprint interval until you see 3.1 miles appear on your screen! Yes, sprints for a whole mile!
Cool Down:
-Find a slow walking pace, breathing, drinking, and taking it easy. Make sure you can talk and your heart rate is recovered before you jump off. Five minutes should be perfect!

Be sure to let me know when you try this workout, how it affects your other runs, and to tag @habitudefitness on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with all of your healthy habitudes!
Your Trainer,

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