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Try it Thursday: Strength Building Fat Burning Circuit!

Happy Thursday everyone! I’ve got a KILLER workout for you to try today. Complete each exercise for 60 seconds before moving onto the next. 60 seconds is a long time for these kinds of moves. I encourage you to use rest-based training during this workout. That means you will work as hard as possible until you can’t, then take a break until you can again. Don’t pause the timer when you rest. Allow it to run through all of your rests and movements. This type of training is the ultimate when it comes to fat burning!

You will not need any equipment for this one. Just the human body! Be sure to warm up for 5 minutes before beginning.

1. High knees
2. 4 push-ups to 4 superman back extensions (continue with 4 and 4 for the whole minute).
3. 4 Alternating forward lunges to 4 squats (continue with 4 and 4 for the whole minute).
4. Walking planks (hands to elbows and back up again).
5. Jump squats

Go right back up to the top and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 times through. Resting is just as important as the work portion of this routine, so make sure you do it when you need to! For a little more burn, complete 5 all-out sprints for 20 seconds each. Remember to rest as long as you need to between sprints so that you can go hard again! Do this running outside, on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, or even a rowing machine. 20 minutes of insane HIIT training complete; fat burning on the way!


Killer 15 minute HIIT workout. Burn fat for the rest of the day with this one! Full workout details on the blog today for “Try it Thursday!” #HIIT #nogymrequired #fitness #exercise #body #reatbasedtraining #fatburning #goodhabits #habitudefitness #training #getfit #strong #lean #health #intervaltraining

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Cool down with some walking to catch your breath. End this HIIT session with some much-needed stretching and foam rolling!

Check in and let me know how you did!

Your Trainer,

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