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Try it Thursday: See the Big Picture!

In 1969 during Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 space shuttle launch, there was a press briefing at the Houston command center at NASA. A reporter waiting there noticed a janitor with a broom and asked him what his job was. The janitor replied, “I help put a man on the moon.”

I LOVE the picture this paints for examining the bigger picture! Set aside the mundane and take a moment to recognize that what we each do in our day-to-day lives has the power to be missional and transformational!DSC_1887-2201015101-O

Each of us wears so many different hats; father, mother, sister, brother, boss, employee, spouse, caregiver, carpool driver, daughter, son, maid, chef, mechanic, IT guy, student, coach, friend, teacher, lover, athlete, listener, life of the party…I can get lost switching hats all of the time!

However, when I pause and reflect about all that I am involved in…in big and small (even tiny!) ways- it is putting a man on the moon! Sometimes we don’t see the fruit of our labor for a long, LONG time…but can you hang in there and see how important you are?!

Can you name a mission for your life right now? Can you see the influence you have? Every facet of your life today is you contributing to a much bigger picture. You could pause to look at your family, your work, your health, your wholeness. Do you believe you are part of a magnificent mission?

Your Trainer,

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