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A Kick Butt Cardio and Arm Routine!

If you are a runner training for a race, a new mom trying to get her pre-baby body back, or are just looking to get better, faster, and stronger, this workout is for YOU!!

Cross training is a great way to get your endurance up without heading out for a 10-mile run. This high-intensity, quick paced routine will leave you wondering if you are going to make it through the whole thing. (Sorry…I’m not trying to scare you!) No worries, you are going to make it, and then you will do it 3 more times through for the ultimate burner! Have this workout in your back pocket to do once or twice a week and I promise you, in no time at all, you will look and feel different in the best way!


First warm up for 5 minutes with some walking or jogging. Follow your warm up with some dynamic stretching.
Next, grab a pair of dumbbells, and don’t be afraid to go heavy. (Go as heavy as you can with proper form. You can always decrease your weight if you need to!)

Perform 10 reps of each upper body exercise. Do this with a rest based training mentality; lifting fast and heavy with proper form, getting the heart rate up. Take a break whenever you need to-for as long as you need to. Come back to the exercise with full intensity again, and go for it!

Bicep curls to shoulder press x 10 reps (Curl to press, bring it down and repeat!)
Push-up to double row x 10 reps (1 push-up followed by a weighted row on the right, then the left. Keep this going x10.)
Spiderman push-ups x 10 (Bring the knee to the same side elbow and press forward and bend the elbows at the same time. Repeat on the other side. Continue alternating for all 10 reps!)
Kettlebell swings x 10 (You can absolutely use a free weight if you do not have access to a kettlebell!)
Check out this post from Men’s Health if you have questions on how to properly perform.)

Next, set the weights down and perform an all out sprint for 20, 30 40, or even 60 seconds on a treadmill, outdoor field, a cardio machine or spin bike. You can even run up and down the stairs in your house!
Walk to recover as long as you need to. It may take you 30 seconds or 3 minutes. Just be sure you are recovered enough to perform the entire circuit again with that same high intensity!
Repeat this circuit 3 more times for a total of 4 circuit with 1 sprint in between each one.

This workout killed me the other day! I loved the after feeling so much, that I knew I had to share and encourage you to make it one for your playbooks! Listen to your new Fall playlist to get right into beast mode, and check in on social media when you complete this workout!

Your Trainer,

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  • Just finished and here is how I tweaked the workout to work for me…..used my lighter weights downstairs to do one round – ran the stairs for 4 sets and ended upstairs where I used my heavier weights (I keep a set on each floor so I can do weights anytime, anywhere). Repeated each set up and downstairs – 4 sets – done! I added triceps with the heavy weights and did a few child poses, downward dog stretches in between the pull-up rows and spidermans. Loved it – thanks for the sweaty start to this chilly morning! 🙂

    • LeAnn,
      Awesome!!! Thanks for telling us how you made this work for YOU! I am glad you liked it. It has been a weekly go-to for me for a couple of weeks now, and I am liking the results! Keep up the good work. We must find more ways to stay warm” in the upcoming months! Great comments!

  • I was just looking for a workout to squeeze in this morning while it is chilly so I can do some sprints later when it is a bit warmer outdoors. Thanks much – this is THE ONE!!! 🙂

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