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Check in Tuesday: Stock Your Kitchen with Good Eats!

DSC_5372-3122301625-OThe eat clean lifestyle was a bit of a journey for me. Years after beginning my quest for better health, fitness, wellness, and vitality, I finally feel confident that this lifestyle isn’t something I am striving for, but rather, just part of who I am. On Monday I gave you my top 10 habitudes for implementing clean eating once and for all. Today, in my first VLOG (I had some nerves and a few bloopers to say the least!), I show you 10 healthy foods that I always have in my kitchen!

Be sure to let me know what some of your healthy staples are!
Your Trainer,

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  • Hi Cassie! It was so great to hear your voice! We all really miss you so much. Please hurry and come back. I love all your ideas and have them all in the kitchen. Can’t wait for your return to have you train me again! Love ya

    • Thanks Janet! Good job for having healthy eats in your house-though I am not surprised! My time in the UK is winding down fast-I will be back in Chicago in just over a month! Looking forward to LIVE workouts with my peeps!

  • Great job, Cass! We are always our own worst critics. I consider most of those foods staples as well but haven’t tried chia yet. Going to grab some on my next trip to the grocery. Thanks.

  • Love to hear your voice!!! Please keep on VLOGing 🙂 Surprised to not hear the British accent, maybe the next one? Lol

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