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Try it Thursday: Piriformis Hip Stretch!

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most common overuse injuries among runners. It occurs when the iliotibial band, the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin, is tight or inflamed. The IT band attaches to the knee and helps stabilize and move the joint. When the IT band isn’t working properly, movement of the knee (and, therefore, running) becomes painful. IT band pain can be severe enough to completely sideline a runner for weeks, or even longer.

Runners are not the only ones who can have a flare up of Iliotibial Band Syndrome. When I am spinning a lot, running, and doing my HIIT, this among other aches and pains can flare up. That is why if we are going to be active (and we all are!), self care is so important.it band

Cross one foot on top of the knee in a seated position.
With both hands, grab the supporting knee and gently roll onto your back.
Push the elevated knee to the outside, while pulling the other into your chest.
You should feel this on the elevated leg on the outside hip.
Hold this for 15-20 seconds and then release.
Go back into the stretch and try to go deeper.
Switch legs and repeat.

This stretch will help you to avoid the painful, irritating, and tenacious IT band pain!
Be sure to check out some previous posts on foam rolling, stretching, and self-care!

If you found this information helpful, please let me know and be sure to share it with your runner friends! I know the Chicago Marathon among other races are right around the corner!
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  • Thank you for this tip, Cassie! It has helped me immensely.

    I hurt my back in May and as a result, had some piriformis issues. This stretch has helped keep my piriformis nice and loose.

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