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Habitude Fitness Got a Makeover!

Notice any changes? I am very excited to launch this gorgeous new theme for Habitude Fitness! I am so blessed to work on this blog providing information, encouragement, motivation, fitness tips, and support to all of you! Have some fun navigating around the new layout and let me know what you think!

Celebrate with me! pour a glass and check out the theme!

Celebrate with me! Pour a glass and check out the theme!

I appreciate all of your support in creating this place and in cultivating this crazy fitness family! (Oh yeah, when you follow you become a family member!) I hope you feel an instant connection to your trainer, as I am just a normal gal trying to do my best to live in a healthy way-in all areas of life. You will also notice that this is a place for positive energy and good vibes only, so connecting with other family members is priceless to succeeding in your journey!

I have been hard at work in hopes for an exciting future for Habitude Fitness. I am very excited and couldn’t do it without all of you! Stay tuned!

Your Trainer,

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