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Try it Thursday: Unplug!

I am so grateful for technology. I was a little old fashioned over the last couple of years thinking that picking up the phone was the best way to keep in touch with loved ones and Facebook was a time suck and a way for people to try to “one-up” each other making theirs lives appear perfect. Actually, I still believe both of those things! However, social media and technology has allowed me to start a blog and express creative freedom about topics I am passionate about. Social media allows me a free and easy way to get Habitude Fitness out there! It is so easy to keep up with the news via Twitter. And Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube are where I meet like-minded people, connect in a fun easy way with friends and family, and get some great information for my personal research and development. Video chatting alone has been a huge blessing while living so far away from family and friends. Don’t even get me started on my smart phone! I Phone, Moto, Windows, or Samsung…what did we do before we had these mini computers at our fingertips?

I try not to be one of those people who is on his or her phone while spending time with friends or going out to dinner. Often times I just leave it in the car as not to be tempted. As much as I enjoy being connected- trying to increase traffic to the blog, reading Jimmy Fallon’s tweets, and messaging all my friends-I still consider myself someone who values simplicity. Just like it is good to go off coffee, sugar, or booze for a time, I feel it is good to take a technology sabbatical in much the same way.unplug3Though it is hard, I often leave my phone in the house while I walk and play with my dog. It is during these uninterrupted quiet times outdoors that I find time to unclutter my thoughts, get a creative idea, or just feel refreshed and renewed from the fresh air and focused prayer time I have had without being distracted by my phone. I am always glad when I leave it behind…but why is it so hard to make that choice to do so in the first place?!

Personally, I have not had a full day or more technology free since ramping up my usage of technology. But because I am now constantly connected, I am feeling it will be beneficial creatively, mentally, and spiritually to unplug for more than just an hour.

It has even been suggested by some cognitive research that “tech dependency” (particularly due to the web) is crippling our attention spans, wounding our ability to create meaningful relationships, and generating a false expectation that we should be able to be contacted at every hour of the day. –fastcompany.com



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Start with an evening or perhaps a day. Look at your calendar and schedule in your technology sabbatical just like you would a meeting or even a weekend get-a-way. Let me know how your “time-off” treated you.
See you soon…
Your Trainer,

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  • Hi Cassie,
    What exercises would you recommend for thinning thunder thighs?
    I have been walking at least 10,000 steps a day and I have lost an inch and a half off my hips in the past year, but my thighs are still large.

    • Thanks Patti for putting this GREAT question out there!
      Men and women tend to store fat differently as we all know. Men in the belly and women in the hips, butt, and thighs. Ugh…
      These areas can be the most difficult for us to change it seems. This has a lot to do with our hormones. Resistance training with weights is a must and volume training (or lots of repetitions) is a must to optimize fat burning in the lower body. To regulate our fat burning hormones, it is not just about the exercise, but the diet needs to be clean as well-watching carb intake to regulate insulin and cortisol is key, eating bunches of cruciferous veggies helps to detox estrogen well, and then a good balance of short intense exercise with long relaxing exercise like walking and yoga-this helps balance the hormones and give us ultimate fat burning potential! Tune into tomorrow’s Try it Thursday’s post for ideas on how to start this process!
      *shout out to themetaboliceffect.com I get loads of cutting edge research from these guys. Check them out to learn more. They are the real deal!

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