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Mental Habitudes to Master to Get Through ANY Workout!

DSC_2680-2417519981-OIt took some time, but a daily workout is simply part of my day like checking my email or eating breakfast. Creating a habit takes time, but there are also a few mental strategies that I have found priceless in not only starting to exercise, but keeping and maintaining this habitude with strength, intention, and intensity! Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Make sure you feel fueled!
Sometimes it is hard to get out the door, pop in your dvd, or drag yourself to the gym because you are literally dragging. Pause and ask yourself a few things, creating a mental checklist: are you dehydrated, sleep deprived, sore, or hungry? Check in with your body and give it what it needs before you attempt to hit it hard!

2. Have a killer playlist!
It’s all about the music for my personal workouts, when I teach a spin class, and in all of my high intensity classes. Music can motivate you to work longer, harder, and in my experience-have a little more fun! I do have to be careful though because if my playlist is too fast and I head out for a long run, I will be poop out before I am finished because I am pacing with the music! The best tempo for workouts are usually between 120-140 beats per minute. Generally I like to make a playlist with a good mix of about everything. I am known in my spin classes to play “gritty angry music” (though I tend to be a really sweet girl!) and we love it! Just as important as getting pumped up, I love my cool down, yoga, meditation/reflection, and walking/hiking music.
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3. Make a mantra!
I really believe in this and if you have trained with me, you can probably recite many of my favorite mantras as I am continually repeating them, hoping that it will help my participants get through an exercise and that they will also start to believe them!
Some of my favorites are:
-You can do 30 seconds of ANYTHING!
-It’s simple-WORK HARD!
-Working out is a privilege!
-You are stronger than you think you are!
Pick a mantra that really resonate with you. Before you begin, while you are in thick of it, and when you are done, keep repeating these words to fuel you through your sweat session!
Need some help finding some inspirational words? Just google motivational fitness quotes! I am sure there is something there to inspire you!

4. Practice visualization!
Having trouble getting started? Picture how you will feel when you are all done with your workout. Picture yourself performing the exercises. Picture how strong you are or will become. During your workout visualize the muscles you are using and the change that is occurring. Picture race day, the people, the crowds, the energy, even when it is just you out on the road. Picture future you! The you that is transforming while you are engaging in the activity!

5. Think positive!
Stop thinking about the past: The diet and fitness programs that never worked for you. The baggy clothes in your closet. Your childhood nickname or previous labels. Or the way you used to eat and spend your free time.

I love this quote from Lewis, and I believe the mind is more powerful than any other organ or muscle in our bodies. Be positive about your goals and your health. Be positive about the new things you are trying-focusing on your improvements and gains. Lastly, give yourself positive self talk. You wouldn’t tear down others, don’t do it to yourself.

What are some of your strategies for maintaining your healthy habitudes? I would love to hear them! Let’s focus and make this a great week keeping in mind that if it’s challenging us- it is changing us!

Your Trainer,

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