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Getting Down and Dirty!

I must give a shout out to my friends in the Chicago burbs today! Last year we started an awesome tradition of entering the Rugged Maniac mud run in southern Wisconsin as Team Habitude Fitness. Many of us in the area trained all summer in prep for race day. This 5K adventure race was not only a dirty one- but the obstacles, heat, and mountain that we ran up (several times!) created a challenge many of us never experienced. The cool thing about participating in this race was, even though it was tough- even though we had bruises and blood stains- and even though we had mud in places I shall not mention- we had a blast! All of us said we would totally do it again.

This year I was unable to train the team in an outdoor boot camp setting throughout the summer, and I am unable to participate in the race as I have a few more months living as an expat before my return to Chicagoland. Despite the team Captain being abroad, this awesome group of dedicated maniacs have continued on and are still running together in what I suspect will be another great experience! I am feeling a little sad today missing my friends, the special bond we have, and the crazy things we do (like mud runs or cheering each other on from the sidelines at mud runs!) With that said, whether you are racing tomorrow in the Midwest, waking up early for swim in the east, running along the coast in Cali, headed to the tennis courts in the sunshine state, or are here in the UK with a finish line in sight…good luck to you! May you be safe, have fun, and obtain the exhilaration and satisfaction that comes from pushing your body, pushing your limits, and crossing a finish line!
Here are some highlights from 2013!

mud 8
mud start

mud 6

mud 2

mud finish

mud 7

mud pat

mud 1
mud paulAll participants can hook up with this team at the event by checking in on Facebook or Twitter. Tweet, share, and Instagram all your weekend photos and race details by tagging @HabitudeFitness. Help keep me in the loop over here! I am very excited for you!
Good luck! Cheering you on from afar!!
Enjoy the journey…
Your Trainer,


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