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Try it Thursday: Hit the Pool Deck!

Almost 2 weeks ago I strained a calf muscle pretty bad. I heard a “pop” while jumping and I couldn’t even WALK  for a couple of days. OUCH!! Last week was nothing but RICE, but this week I have been able to workout by rehabbing in the pool and lifting weights. Swimming is a good change of pace, leaves me feeling happy and strong, and is always a great workout. You can get a great cardio and strength workout in minimal time when you hit the water!pool

Mental benefits of swimming:
Recreational swimming leaves you with a positive feeling after exercise. Fun decreases stress. Swimming elicits a natural, positive response to being in the water. Swimming with others in a public pool fosters community spirit and offers an opportunity to meet new friends. Spending leisure time at the pool or the beach with friends and family increases shared memories and, subsequently, better mental health through social interaction and intimacy.

gogglesHere is your Water Workout:
5 minute warm up. Use easy paced and varied strokes.
For the timed intervals pick any stroke you would like, even varying strokes for each timed interval to ensure variety!
-Swim as fast/hard as you can for 20 seconds (a cheap waterproof digital watch with a timer is perfect for this.) When you are done with the 20 seconds, rest/recover as long as you need to until you are ready to go again.
-Swim hard for 30 seconds. Rest/recovery again as long as you need to.
-Swim hard for 40 seconds. Rest/recover.
-Swim hard for 60 seconds. Rest/recover.
Repeat the interval pyramid:
-20 seconds/rest
-30 seconds/rest
-40 seconds/rest
-60 seconds/rest
Continue to do this sequence for 20 minutes.
Once the 20 minutes are up, stretch and cool down for 5 minutes, stretching all your major muscle groups!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Swimming helps your arthritic joints. Exercise reduces stiffness and discomfort if you suffer from arthritis. However, you may experience joint pain during exercises out of the pool due to the impact from movements like running and jumping. Water makes you buoyant and supports your weight, spine, joints and muscles. 

Water also provides resistance that’s good for your muscular endurance and for strength training, whether you suffer from arthritis or not. Swim more to increase your muscular strength and endurance. Swimming increases your cardiovascular functional capacity as well, which means your heart is more capable of pumping blood efficiently.-livestrong.com



This workout is designed to really tap into fat burning. I hope you will give it a try!

Water and I get along really well. Just sitting in front of any body of water relaxes me, takes away tension, and calms my mind. In the water I feel fluid and uncluttered. Do you enjoy the water? What are some of your favorite ways to spend time around pools, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc?

Your Trainer,

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