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Monday’s Prescription: A Dose of Motivation!

You may not believe it, but England got hit with a heat wave over the last few days. Temps reaching near the 90’s (32 degrees Celsius as they communicate here). Personally, I am enjoying the heat as it really makes it feel like summer! Most places do not have air conditioning which makes riding the bus and sleeping a little uncomfortable-but we are managing just fine!

Some of us have trouble “staying on track” in the summer because the kids are out of school, there is so much delicious BBQ food, Ice-cream turns into a food group, or the patio and evening cocktails call out more summer nights out of the week than not. Others of us thrive in the summer waking up earlier and getting started with the sunrise, enjoying light, fresh, in-season fruits and veggies, and staying more active with extra walks, swimming, gardening, and the like.

Whatever our summer habitudes are towards wellness, today I want to motivate us to get back on track or stay on track. Different things work for different people. Part of learning what works for you may be as simple as some basic trial and failure periods. Don’t be afraid to try something new. And remember that just because it works great for someone else, it may not work or be the best thing for you! True change takes time. So if you are looking to eat better, get leaner, go to bed earlier, relax more, find a new job, read a new book, go on a vacation, get organized, have more family time, run a 5K, call a friend, eat more greens, pray daily, be more patient…it all starts with you, and you can start any day at any time.

I just finished this motivating SUMMER BABY! playlist to set the tone for your workouts, your commute into the office, cleaning the house, or driving in the car. Warning: you will feel like a rock star while you listen to this. Motivation and results soon to follow!
I can’t stop listening to this one!

Be sure to share this today with someone who might need a mood booster or who just loves some great summer jams!
Your Trainer,

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